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Samsung Event 2022

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event Live Stream:

Samsung Galaxy unpacked 2020

With the Start of the year 2020, the Seoul based electronics company has decided to go against the odds and name of the member of next coming Galaxy s series flagship to introduce it with the new decade. Samsung has changed the name of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S12 to Samsung Galaxy S21.

Unpacked 2022 is all set to launch for February 11, 2020. On this launching event, we are going to witness the first mobile unpacked event of the year 2020. First, it was on expectation that company might launch Galaxy Fold 2 as the next foldable phone which was more likely to be displayed along with S20 Series, but the Korean company has some other plans & from out of the blue they come up with the new member of the foldable family. Galaxy Z-Flip.  The company is set to launch Samsung Z Flip phone which will b reveal along with the popular S Series Flagship.

The Samsung Launch Event 2022 is the most awaited and searched event on the internet in today’s date, one of the core reason which raised the event trends is the leaks, camera, new names & new foldable phone. The Company played it smartly & marketed the event without even paying a penny, as the leaks about the Quad rear-facing camera with 108MP camera setup or the flare of names.

When the trend of quad-camera has come to its threshold, another leak which took the internet was the new names of Galaxy S flagship, that Galaxy S21 series is the new Galaxy S12 series. It prevailed for a very long time on the mainstream as well as the social market, but this was not the end.

On FEB-05-2022,  Samsung electronics Romanian website comes up with another leak of next foldable phone which was beyond people imagination, they have changed the name of Galaxy Fold 2 now the exclusive foldable phone family member is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

We don’t know if it was a marketing stunt or not, but it worked pretty well so far for the Korean giant.

[2022] Samsung Unpacked Event Feb:

Every year Latest Samsung Smartphones are hitting the markets & for this Samsung conducts an unpacked of galaxy smartphones watches and prototype each year. The Samsung unpacked session of 2019 was a great event not only for the company but also for the android users. The company had launched a unique smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Fold) the previous year as well as three products from S-series flagship ( S10, S10+ & S10e).

Samsung Galaxy 2022 unpacked is one of the most anticipated events as the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20. The Samsun Galaxy S21 aka Galaxy S11 was already in the searches from some rumours and leaks.  The Galaxy Unpacked event will officially be conducted in the 2nd week of February.

The Samsung 2020 event will hold at the same cities as it was premiered the previous year. Those who are from New York, San Francisco, London(UK), Moscow ( Russia), Dehli ( India), Bejing ( China ) & Melbourne ( Australia ) have the opportunity to get their selves to register for the Samsung Feb event 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Highlights of Samsung Unpacked Event:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21, S20 Plus & S20 Ultra (S11, S11+, S11e).
  • Launch of New Android version.
  • Samsung Gear.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ( FOLD 2)
  • Galaxy S20 camera.
  • ship with One UI 2.1.
  • Up to 1tb Internal storage.
  • Samsung Galaxy Zero Leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S21(S12) unpacked Event:

This Flagship phone was already in searches even before the launch of Galaxy S10. One leak which took the internet overnight was the S20 108MP camera setup. Samsung Galaxy S20 Unpacked event will go live on the third week of February (11-Feb) and the complete live stream of the Samsung launch event 2020 will be offered by many platforms, Youtube, Samsung Offical Website, The verge, Samsungmobilespecs.

S20 Unpacked Event Live:

Samsung Galaxy live 2020

From unnamed sources, it is now confirmed that the Launch S20 Unpacked event will hold on 11 February 2020. The launch session can be seen from the Company’s official youtube platform & website. You can watch the live stream of the unpacked event from our website too. The live event is embedded at the top of the page.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Features Revealed:

Galaxy S20 will have the most powerful camera which provides you with the best photography experience. It will have the latest and update UI 2.0-2.1. The S20 Phone will allow you to enjoy the pro-mode video recording.

There is also a Director view which will provide you to lock the focus on the object and switch to the other modes of the camera like a telescope or wide-angle mode. There is some Case of the S20 Phone you can check it on gsmArena.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Features Revealed:

Galaxy Fold 2 was expected to be the next Foldable smartphone form Samsung electronics, but Romanian official website of the company confirmed the news its Galaxy Z Flip the new & next Bendable/Foldable phone. Galaxy Z Flip Unpacked event is on the same date with the Galaxy S20 Series. The Codename of this smart device is bloom as it has promised to have a superfast charging technology. Some of the Galaxy Z Flip features are bulleted below:

  • Snapdragon 855+ SoC
  •  Android 10
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB UFS 3.0 non-expandable storage
  •  6.7″ Infinity Flex FHD+ main foldable screen

The Galaxy Fold 2020 may have a smaller display and battery. The unique and orthodox design of this phone makes it a unique device amongst renowned smartphones. There is another rumour around that the company will tease about the FIold 2 release and will release it on April.

You can watch the live stream of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip  Unpacked Launch event on the official site, but for your ease, we have embedded it at the top of this page.

Price of Galaxy S21, S21+, S21Ultra & Z Flip:

Samsung Unpacked Live Stream:

Galaxy Unpacked 2022 will live stream at Samsung official website & youtube as well. The official launch will also be live-stream on this website. The source is Pinned at the top of the page.
Unpacked Event Time:
New York: 2PM / San Francisco: at 11 a.m. PST / London(UK): 7PM / Berlin: 8PM / Moscow: 10PM / New Delhi: 12:30AM (February 11) / Beijing: 3AM (February 11) / Tokyo: 4AM (February 11) / Melbourne: 6AM (February 11)

Upcoming Unpacked Event:

Samsung conducts about 2 to 3 unpacked event in a calendar year and other formally events every month. For 2020, The Company has decided to hold an Unpacked event in the month of April, August & probably in December too. The 2020 August Unpacked has more importance than others like the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 will be going to launch in that event.


Q: What is Samsung Unpacked Event?

Ans: Galaxy Unpacked event means that Samsung is going to make a debut of new phones in the flagship family as well as additional phones in the company’s phone generation list

Q: What time is the Samsung Unpacked event 2022?

Ans: The Timing of Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event is San Francisco at 11 a.m. PST

Q: What is the new name of S12?

Ans: Samsung Galaxy S21 is then official name of Galaxy S11.

Q: What is the release date of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 2022?

Ans: It is likely to be launch on 11-FEB-2020.

Q: Where is unpacked 2022?

Ans: The Samsung Unpacked event will be at Newyork, San Francisco, London, Moscow, Dehli, Beijing.

Q: Samsung Galaxy S21 Unpacked event date?

Ans: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event date is 11 February 2020.

Q: When is Samsung Event 2022?

Ans: 11 Feb 2020, April 2022 & December 2022.

Q: how to watch the Samsung Unpacked event 2022?

Ans: The Live streaming of Galaxy Unpacked event will be available at news.samsung, samsungmobilespecs.com, The verge & samsungmobilepress.