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Best Samsung S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra Phone Covers & Cases

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On recent account (11-FEB-2020), Samsung Electronics has launched a series of wonderful premium looking devices. When a new phone get released the only common problem which the user faces is buying fancy stylish mobile covers & cases to make their phone look more astonishing and protective.

The covers for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus & S20 Ultra are available on multiple online stores but they include some raw phone cases which might take your time a lot & make your decision-making process more puzzled than before. SMS (Samsung Mobile Specs) does the hard job for you & gives you the list of one of the best Samsung S20, S20 Plus & S20 Ultra phone covers & cases. The criteria for selecting the best case depend on a variety of factors which include: Body, Type, Material, Durability, Price & of course, design.

Without further delay, let’s take you to the list of Best Phone Covers of Samsung S20, S20 plus & S20 Ultra you might be thinking of buying one.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Phone Case & Covers:

Many covers for Galaxy S20 are available on various online sites, but frankly speaking, the availability of so many products boasting of their premium features confuse you about choosing one. Samsung Galaxy S20 is a phone with slim design & three standard available colour options. Buying Phone cases for your Galaxy S20 will give you an edge to go beyond’s colour limitation & change the back look of your phone by choosing the Phone case of your choice. Some of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Phone Cases have been selected to help your decision in buying one. The list is given below:

1-OtterBox Defender SE for Galaxy S20:

Many companies are in the race of making goods look good, on the other hand, OtterBox Defender is doing it both ways. OtterBox Defender Galaxy S20 case is a heavy-duty case with smart features and it’s not just a back cover but a complete case for your S20.

S20 series Case and covers


  • For Galaxy S20/S20 5G
  • Dual Protective layer: Soft outer cover while solid inner cover.
  • Belt-clip holster for stand and good media viewing
  • Port covers.
  • OtterBox Warranty
Reasons To Buy
  • Belt-clip holster
  • Port Covers
  • Protective
  • Premium
Reasons Not To BUY
  • Expensive: Too much for a cover

galaxy s20 case otte box galaxy s20


2- Galaxy S20: Thin Case

Temdan Designed case is a premium looking ultra-thin, anti-scratch & anti-fading S20 case. The reason for it on making into this list is that it is very thick, does not damage the phone body & comes in four different colour options: Clear, Blue-Matte, Pink-Matte, and Purple-Matte.

S20 case


  • Made from Tpu Material
  • Can bear tear, scratch, dust & shock
  • Can work on with wireless charging
Reasons To Buy
  • 4 Different Color
  • German body Material
  • Anti-yellow & Scratch
  • Works perfectly with wireless charging
Reasons Not To BUY
  • No-Port Covers.


S20 series Case and covers

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Phone covers you should be thinking of buying before some of the other considerable options are listed below:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Phone Case & Covers:

One of the obvious reasons for choosing a cover for Galaxy S20 plus is the colour. The Phones are available in three different colours. The market is stuffed with a variety of cases and covers which include low quality, rough stuff & useless to buy as well. Our site brought you the best Galaxy S20 Plus Covers. Some of the top ones are given below:

1-PLESON for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus:

It’s the best cover for Galaxy S20 Plus for many reasons. The major reason is the water-resistant capability with a built-in screen protector. There are a bundle of Samsung S20 Plus Phone cases available in the market. Few have built-in protector feature & Pleason Case is one of them which has glass protection with high-quality materials used in the construction. Some smart features of Pleson Case for Samsung S20 Plus are:

S20 plus case


  • Built-in glass protection with case certified IP68 Waterproof.
  • Full body 360 protection
  • TPU & PC materials are used in construction
  • Shockproof & Drop-proof ( <6ft height)
Reasons To Buy
  • Under water-protection
  • IP68 certified
  • High-grade PC & TPU
Reasons Not To BUY
  • Lag in wireless chargning

S20 series Case and covers

2-TORRAS Diamonds for Galaxy S20 Plus:

Torras diamond is simple but a high-quality cover case for Galaxy S20 plus. It is very thin with soft edges & anti-yellowing feature. Torras Diamon is fully protective with 5-ft drop fall-bearing tendency.

Galaxy S20 plus covers


  • Anti Scratch, anti-yellowing, detects fingerprint well & shockproof features
  • Edges have a cushion for the protection of the phone.
  • 5-ft drop-proof.
  • 100 per cent to wireless charging
Reasons To Buy
  • Shock-proof
  • Poly Carbonate Material
  • Supports Wireless charging
  • Good Grip
  • Easy Installation
Reasons Not To BUY
  • Simple


S20 series Case and coversThese are the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Phone covers/cases, Some other S20 Plus phone cases are listed below:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Phone Case & Covers:

Using third-party cover for your phone could compromise the slim design experience and the feel users expect to have, especially from these latest smartphones. To ensure that the experience doesn’t get spoiled, Samsung has also launched the official Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case that you can buy right now alongside the phone or separately as well. 

This Samsung Galaxy Ultra S20 Case is designed to provide the best compatibility for the phone, bringing ease of control while holding the phone, answering calls, controlling music, and every other function that you want to perform. It is much durable, providing quality protection against surface impact unless it is too intense. 

Galaxy S20 ultra case

Listed below are some of the major features of this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case: 

  • Perfect protection for your phone with the shell-type design.
  • Keeps the slim-design integrity of your S20 smartphone 
  • Available in two different colours, i.e., Black and Gray 
  • Enjoy a 1-year warranty on your S20 Ultra case 
  • Important info like the time, date, battery, and notifications display 
Reasons To Buy
  • Durable and Slimmer 
  • Shell-type design for protection 
  • Amazing feels while holding 
  • Displays date and time on double-tapping 
  • Designed for perfect compatibility with the phone 
Reasons Not To BUY
  • Quite expensive though 
  • Doesn’t help with the weight 

S20 series Case and covers

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case LED Back Cover Review 

Just by adding a few more bucks to your budget, you could get an even better and fancier product that is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case LED Back CoverNot just it has an exotic look to its design but its protective features are also at a whole new level bringing the durability and sturdiness that any user wishes for who has paid a handsome amount for this expensive Samsung phone. 

The most desirable feature of the product that makes this cover so appealing is its Led Back Cover that not only looks cool but does plenty of jobs for you. For instance, while taking a picture with timer on, you can see the countdown time and know how much time you have got before you make a final nice pose. 

Also, the LED Back Cover gets its power from the phones and you wouldn’t have to charge it separately, saving you a great deal of trouble. 

Galaxy S20 ultra led case

Some of the other major features of this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case LED Back Cover are: 

  • Nice see your camera’s timer countdown on the back of your phone 
  • A protective cover that is quite sturdy and durable.
  • Both Black and Gray colour options are available for the cover 
  • Draws its power from the phone and doesn’t require separate charging.
Reasons To Buy
  • Get notified about calls and messages 
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • It has looks that are exotic 
  • US version provides warranty as well 
Reasons Not To BUY
  • The costs are high 
  • Not an ergonomic design 

S20 series Case and covers

TORRAS Galaxy S20 Ultra Case:

One of the major benefits of getting phone covers from third-party brands is that many of them could promise a lot of premium features while still saving you the trouble of saving 50 bucks or more just for that fancier ‘Samsung’ logo. Though we will still recommend getting the officially launched Samsung S20 cover, people with lesser budget range can get this TORRAS Galaxy S20 Ultra Case that has hit new marks of compatibility at a price that suits everyone. 

Some of the major features of the TORRAS Galaxy S20 Ultra Case include the enhanced protection due to its X-Shock patent technology, slimmer design that doesn’t add much to the thickness of the phone, and the long-lasting design that might be the best example of providing value for the money. 

Galaxy S20 ultra thin case

Listed below are some of the major features of this TORRAS Galaxy S20 Ultra Case: 

  • Much better shock and impact absorption with the X-Shock patent technology
  • A long-lasting and durable design that you can count on 
  • Empowers the NFC and wireless charging functions enhancing the experience for your phone 

Synchronizes amazingly well with the body of your phone without adding much to its weight and thickness

Reasons To Buy
  • An affordable Samsung S20 case
  • Supports NFC and wireless charging 
  • A beautiful, sleek and durable design 
  • Anti-yellowing at its best 
  • Doesn’t feel bulky at all 
Reasons Not To BUY
  • We don’t think this product has any 

S20 series Case and coversSome of the other Galaxy S20 ultra Case Recommaned by us are as fellows:


This concludes our article bringing you the list of best Samsung S20 and S20 Ulta phone covers and cases that are available in the market. If you found the reviews helpful, don’t forget to leave us your feedback and click the links available to get yourself the protection and class you require with your Samsung S20 phones. 

For more updates on covers & Samsung Phone Price, Keep Visiting SMS ( Samsung Mobile Specs )

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