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Corona & Samsung | CoVid-19 Impacts on Big Companies

 Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft closing their stores to combat COVID-19 

Samsung, alongside other tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft, has decided to close its physical stores in the United States temporarily to play their part in stopping Coronavirus diseases that are a global pandemic as of now. 

Covid 19 and samsung

These steps must be taken by big businesses like these to send a message across that no matter how big your deal is, a lockdown is necessary if humanity aims to defeat this COVID-19 pandemic once and for all. 

As compared to the rest of the world, Samsung’s physical presence in the form of these retail stores isnt that big, and there are only four stores in the whole United States. However, this is only about the physical retail stores while their online stores will remain open. 

SAmsung & Corona Impact

Unlike Apple and Microsoft who have plenty of physical stores in the states, Samsung wouldnt be suffering much in terms of business from their retail stores in the country as long as their online sales and support don’t get affected. 

Many countries across the world are enforcing lockdown to ensure social distancing that is the most necessary step to help fight this coronavirus disease. Due to this, all business all around the world might be suffering from losses even tech giants like Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft. 

COVID-19 originated in China last year; however, now it has turned into a global pandemic and while the scientists have been unable to produce any vaccine, people are advised to take precautions such as maintaining social distancing by staying at home. 

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