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Israel-Hamas war live updates: Senior Israeli minister warns war could expand

Israel-Hamas war live updates: Senior Israeli minister warns war could expand 1

Senior Israeli minister warns war could expand into Lebanon

Israeli could ramp up military action in the north against Hezbollah militants in Lebanon, a senior member of the country’s war Cabinet said yesterday.

“If the world does not act to stop the shooting into the northern settlements and to remove Hezbollah from the border — the IDF will do it,” Benny Gantz saif in a televised statement.

He added that the next steps in the fighting would be “powerful, deep and surprising.”

Meanwhile in Gaza, Gantz warned that the “the stopwatch for a political settlement is running out.”

Civilians hit in shelling outside of Gaza hospital, Red Crescent says

Dozens of civilians were killed and injured outside of the al-Amal hospital in Khan Younis on Wednesday, the Palestine Red Crescent Society said in a post on X.

The organization said it was the fourth time the hospital was targeted in the last week, blaming Israel for the attack in a post on X. Hamas also blamed Israel for casualties outside of the hospital in a statement.

The IDF did not immediately have a response to a request for comment and NBC News has not been able to verify the the claims that the IDF was responsible.

‘We need to be allowed to do the work’ in Gaza, says UNICEF spokesperson

While all children under age 5 are at risk for preventable death, it is “impossible” to provide care to every child and every civilian in Gaza who needs it “while bombs are falling,” UNICEF spokesperson Joe English said on “Meet the Press NOW.”

“The number, the proportions we are talking about, knock you sideways,” English said of the number of children in desperate need of help, including water, protection and nutritional services. But UNICEF can’t help them until there is a pause in the fighting, English said.

Appointment of U.N. humanitarian coordinator an ‘important step,’ White House says

The White House today called yesterday’s appointment of Sigrid Kaag as the U.N. coordinator for humanitarian efforts in Gaza “an important step” and said the U.S. wants to increase the flow of aid there.

“Yesterday’s announcement appointing Sigrid Kaag as United Nations Senior Humanitarian and Reconstruction Coordinator for Gaza is an important step as we continue to work with the UN as a critical partner in the delivery and distribution of life-saving humanitarian assistance in Gaza,” the White House said in a statement.

“The United States is the largest financial supporter of the humanitarian assistance efforts to support Palestinian civilians who are caught in the middle of the conflict between Israel and Hamas,” it said. “We welcome Ms. Kaag’s leadership and look forward to working together closely to increase the flow of aid into Gaza, and ensure safety and security for the aid delivery and the humanitarian staff providing the life-saving support to those in need.”

Kaag, from the Netherlands, is set to begin her role Jan. 8. She was the first deputy prime minister and the first female finance minister in the Dutch government, and she also worked as the U.N. special coordinator for Lebanon from 2015 to 2017.

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