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S8 Clone: Best Replica In Market

S8 Clone Review:

Sammsung Galaxy s8 clone

The Samsung S8 Clone phone is the younger brother of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Original mobile phone. As we know that the Clone Phones lack most of the specs and the features as compared to the original phones. This is due to the reduced Price of Clone and Replica phones. The manufacturers try to make an exact copy of the original mobile phone by decreasing the specs and properties. That is why we can find the Clone phones at cheap prices.

Introduction of the Clone Phones:

samsung galaxy s8 clone buy

Samsung S8 Clone Review clone Review is our topic but first of all, I have to tell you the story of these Clone phone. As from our sources, it is confirmed now that all of the clone and replica phones are being made in Shenzhen China. We have researched and finally concluded that the Clone phones have similarities, some are completely resembled because of having Samsung Logo on the back side. Doing some more digging the fact came out that there are 2 to 3 companies spreading different copies of the Same Samsung phone.

These Clones and Replica making companies are not only focusing on Samsung but all other reputed brands are the victims of this brutality. However, these are not the work of some reputed companies but those who can’t make their own creation. These companies are termed as the copycats.

S8 Clone Design:

samsung galaxy s8 vs s8 plus same

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone comes with a premium design and looks which makes it more beautiful. We have compared the design of both the original and Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone, it was a match. Both the devices the Samsung S8 Clone and S8 Orignal have looked alike. There were a lot of similarities like Bezel-free edges, Screen quality and shine and much more.

But Clone is Clone it can’t outrun the original Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. It is just a shadow of the original device.

S8 Clone Display:

amsung Galaxy S8 Specification,

This is the department and section which allows the user to recognize the clone S8 phone. The Display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 original phone comes with a Full 2K display with brighter and sharper screen. On the other hand, the Samsung S8 Clone phone doesn’t reach the resolution set by the S8 original. The S8 Clone only manages a display resolution of 720p which is normal HD.

Considering the specs of the display and its detail it is now clear that the Samsung S8 Clone phone doesn’t come with a FULL HD or 2K resolution. The screen size of the S8 Clone is also smaller than the Original S8 phone.

S8 Clone Performance:

As we know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone phone comes with less powered and weaker specs and hardware. Therefore if we compare the overall performance of the S8 Clone with S8 original there will be a notable difference. This is true that in 100 to 140 Dollars we can not find a brilliant phone with highly advance specs even in China.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 clone mobile phone comes with A Quad-core Processor mostly of MediaTek chip inside. Now compare it with the original S8 phone you can easily find which one is better and which isn’t up to the mark. Because the Medaiteck Processor is less powered and comes at a cheap price, that is the reason why they are used in Clone and Replica phones.

Gaming in the Samsung S8 clone Phone:

samsung galaxy a8 vs a8 plus gaming

Now the stage came where the true identity and performance of any device reveals. We have tested the S8 Clone Samsung Phone by running an Android Game Temple Run. The game was fine and smooth on S8 Clone phone. After that, we continued testing by installing some heavy and 3D games and the results became worse. Because the S8 Clone comes with 2GB of RAM instead 4 or 6GB and 8Gb or space rather 64GB in the S8 original.

When the same games were played on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Original phone, the output was brilliant. All the games and apps were smoother and fast on the Samsung Galaxy S8 real phone.

S8 clone Android OS:

We have seen the drawbacks of the S8 clone phone in performance, gaming and quality. But when it comes to the Android OS, the Chinese brand S8 Clone phone comes with the latest Android OS 7. This is a big achievement for a clone or Replica phone

The Google play store latest version with updates is preinstalled in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone and Replica phone. Something that will make you laugh or crazy which is the Samsung Fake store is also available on the S8 Clone phone. The store allows the users to install apps and games from Samsung cloud. How even this is possible, the Clone also comes with installed Samsung Apps in the S8 Replica phone.

This isn’t the end of the story because the Apps and Software in the S8 Clone also update regularly. While testing the device for a couple of weeks we noticed that the device updated for 2 times in this short period.

Samsung S8 clone Camera:

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8- S8 Camera

The Samsung S8 Clone phone equips an 8-Megapixel one the rear side of the mobile device. This camera is good to take pictures in a decent way. The picture and image quality is acceptable, and the overall performance is just good. On the other hand, the front side of the S8 Clone enjoys a 5-megapixel camera. This camera is good and enough for taking Selfies and Group Photos. This was the overall specs of the S8 Clone camera.

We have run some tests and by comparing the results of the S8 and S8 Clone. We finally conclude that the S8 Clone is no match with the original one. The S8 Original Camera quality was outstanding and very sharp and bright. It is like you are comparing a Symbian phone with the Android OS.

Samsung S8 Clone Battery:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone comes with a low-powered battery which is insufficient for such a huge mobile phone. The overall battery performance is just ok as compared to the Orignal Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone. There in the S8 Clone, you will find a 2000 to 2500Mah battery which can only last for a day on minimal use. If you are hard on the S8 Clone device and using WiFi and watching Videos then it won’t last for more than 5 hours.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Orignal phone is marvellous and the battery performance is brilliant. It can last for more than One day on a moderate use.

So, the moral of the story is, the S8 clone is a decent phone which is similar to the S8 original. But if your are spec conscious and want the best quality and build quality then go for the S8 original phone.

To know more about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Spaces and Detail visit Samsungmobilespecs.com. Thanks.

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