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Samsung Galaxy A10 Specification, Price & Review

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Samsung Galaxy A10 Pros &  cons

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samsung galaxy A10 Specification & price


According to the rumors and reports, the Samsung Galaxy A10 Smartphone will have following Advantages and disadvantages.

1: Super AMOLED screen for better viewing and brighter screen display.
2: Newest and updated Android operating system. Oreo 8.0.
3: IP 68 certification restricts the water and dust to enter the device the Samsung Galaxy A10.
4: Bigger and brighter display with 4K resolution.
5: Increased RAM for better performance.
6: An official presentation for unmatched performance and tasks.
7: An always on display technology.
8: Advanced Facial recognition.
9: Fingerprint scanner to unlock the device.
10: A compelling GPU for playing high graphical games.
11: Best camera on both sides of Samsung Galaxy A10 smartphone.

1: Bixby technology is odd.
2: An expensive device.
3: Non-removable battery. 


Considering the specification and detailed article on the Samsung Galaxy A10 smartphone we have finally concluded that this mobile phone is a monster in term of specs and appearance. This device has all the advantages needed for any smartphone to get success and fame in the cellular world. Potent processor, advanced GPU, powerful camera, big screen and a lot of updated and advanced feature and properties this mobile phone will b a power pack and will rule over the market.

Under the bugdet of 150 dollars we suggest you not to consider other phones other then samsung A10, because it has all the advantages over other mobile in this range of budget especial camera and camera quality as well as the battery life.

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Samsung Galaxy A10 Pros &  cons


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