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Samsung Galaxy C10 Pro Full Specification, Price & Review

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Samsung Galaxy C10 Pro: Gpu, Facial Recognition

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7: Samsung Galaxy C10 Pro and a Powerfull GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):

According to the latest news and reports, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C10 smartphone will have an advanced and extremely powerful GPU. This kind of hardware inside the device will be very quick and fast. Users will be able to play the latest android racing and first-person shooting Games in outstanding quality.

8: Samsung Galaxy C10 Pro and Advanced Facial Recognition:

Samsung Galaxy C10 Pro Specification, The facial recognition system is the latest technology which allows the users to lock and unlock their smartphones by using their face images.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy C10 Pro smartphone will have a latest and advanced facial recognition system as compared to its predecessors.

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9: Samsung Galaxy C10 Pro will have Latest Finger Print Sensor Technology:

The upcoming Galaxy C10 Pro smartphone will have the latest fingerprint sensor technology, due to which the users can lock their smartphones simply by pressing their fingers on the main screen of the mobile phone. No one except them will be able to unlock and use the device.

samsung galaxy c10 pro specification finger print

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Samsung Galaxy C10 Pro: Gpu, Facial Recognition


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