Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification 2018

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Samsung Galaxy C10: Screen & Display


Samsung Galaxy C10 Screen and display:

There are rumors and assumptions that the Samsung Galaxy C10 smartphone will get a giant 6-inch display screen with a resolution of 1440 to 2960. With such a resolution videos and movies will look brighter and crisper.
Users will enjoy watching movies and their personal video like never before. It will be like a complete home system.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification display

Samsung Galaxy C10 Super AMOLED Screen:

This is an advanced technology which we can find in most of the famous mobile brands in the world. Samsung Galaxy C10 will have a super AMOLED screen. It means that the device will not break and crack easily. This technology will make the mobile very tough that it would survive in extreme conditions.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification amoled

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