Samsung Galaxy C Series Review

Samsung galaxy c7 Specification Price Release Date and Review

Samsung galaxy c7 Specification, Price, Release Date and Review:

The Samsung Galaxy c7 mobile phone is one of the famous mobile phones of Galaxy C Series flagship. We have seen that Samsung has launched a new series by the name of C series phone. This series comprises of Samsung Galaxy C5, C7, C7 Pro, C9 and C9 pro smartphones. There are rumors from different websites and news which say the Samsung Galaxy c10 has been made and the company is going to announce a release date. But these are just assumptions and thoughts the reality may differ.

We are here to give a review and details of the Samsung Galaxy c7 mobile phone. Therefore, let us start and do our job. The Samsung c7 phone is a new mobile phone and the latest Series from Samsung. But the fact is this mobile the C7 is very compelling and powerful and has got all the features and properties which the Samsung S and Galaxy Note series mobile phone has.

Samsung Galaxy C7

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Samsung Galaxy C7 Review: Design & Display

1: Samsung Galaxy c7 Design:

The Samsung Galaxy c7 phone is somewhat different from other mobile phones of Samsung’s lineup. Actually, the C7 phone has got a unique design and looks which makes the device more premium and beautiful. Looking further deep on the edges and rounds around the display of the Samsung Galaxy c7 mobile phone we noticed a lot of improvement from Samsung. Because the Samsung C7 is an advanced and better version of the Samsung Galaxy C5 mobile phone, which lacked some features and properties we can find on the Samsung c7 phone.

samsung galaxy c7 design 3

The overall looks and appearance of the Samsung C7 phone are very promising and attractive. The mobile is very compact and easy to hold and can fit in the pocket without taking much space. The Samsung has brought new shapes and designs in its new phone the Samsung Galaxy c7.

Samsung Galaxy c7 Design 2

Comparing the Galaxy c7 with the S and Note Series Phones we can conclude that the Samsung galaxy C7 mobile phone has got a good design not the best as the S and Note phone has. But at such a cheap price the Samsung is giving a decent phone with premium designs and beautiful looks.

samsung galaxy c7 design

It will be a very good opportunity for the users to buy this C7 phone and show their friends this latest phone. It will increase your reputation among your friends.


2: Samsung Galaxy C7 Display:

The Samsung galaxy C7 mobile phone has a decent and full HD display. This quality makes the Galaxy C7 mobile phone looks better and brighter as compared to the Samsung galaxy C5 mobile phone. We have seen the Display Quality of the Galaxy c5 mobile phone and comparing it with the Samsung c7 we can easily find the difference. Samsung has shown a great improvement in term of the display in the Samsung C7 mobile phone. The C7 is a masterpiece and at such affordable price, the user can enjoy the HD screen in an outstanding quality.

Samsung Galaxy c7 Display

The Samsung C7 smartphone comes with a 5.7-inch giant display which is perfect for a mobile phone. In this era, we have seen a lot of big screen mobile phones from different mobile phone manufacturing companies. One of the most famous mobile phone making company the APPLE has compelled to introduce large screen phones. This happens as there was the need for bigger display and users were preferring a larger display.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Display 1

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy c7 mobile phone the device scored a pixel density of 386 PPI, with Super AMOLED display. With such pixel density and full HD display, it will be fun for the users to watch Full HD videos and movies. The Games will run great on such an outstanding display quality and in such a giant display.

If you are a gaming fan and love the watch movies on your cell phone then I would suggest you go for the C7 Galaxy Phone. This mobile phone has a giant display screen and full HD resolution and is much cheaper and affordable as compared to the S and Note series phones.

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Samsung Galaxy C7 Review: Design & Display


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