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Samsung galaxy c7 Specification Price Release Date and Review

Samsung galaxy c7 Specification, Price, Release Date and Review:

The Samsung Galaxy c7 mobile phone is one of the famous mobile phones of Galaxy C Series flagship. We have seen that Samsung has launched a new series by the name of C series phone. This series comprises of Samsung Galaxy C5, C7, C7 Pro, C9 and C9 pro smartphones. There are rumors from different websites and news which say the Samsung Galaxy c10 has been made and the company is going to announce a release date. But these are just assumptions and thoughts the reality may differ.

We are here to give a review and details of the Samsung Galaxy c7 mobile phone. Therefore, let us start and do our job. The Samsung c7 phone is a new mobile phone and the latest Series from Samsung. But the fact is this mobile the C7 is very compelling and powerful and has got all the features and properties which the Samsung S and Galaxy Note series mobile phone has.

Samsung Galaxy C7

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Samsung galaxy C7 Camera: Front & Back

3: Samsung Galaxy C7 Processor:

The processor in any mobile phone is the most important feature which makes the life and repo of the device. If the processor is fast then the device will work smoothly and quickly and if it isn’t then it won’t last long.

Samsung galaxy c7 2.0 GHz Octa-Core Cortex-A53 processor

The Samsung galaxy C7 mobile phone comes with a 2.0 GHz Octa-Core Cortex-A53 processor which is very fast and fluent. The C7 equips a CPU of Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 with a GPU Adreno 506.

Samsung galaxy c7 adreno 508 GPU


The device the Samsung c7 cell phone comes with one of the best CPU and Graphic Processing Unit which makes the mobile phone a gaming device. As we all know that the Google Play Store is full of games and apps. There are some games which require better and fast CPU and GPU for best quality gaming. And the Samsung Galaxy C7 phone has all of them.

samsung galaxy c7 real racing 3

We have tested some games like Real Racing 3 and Asphalt 7 racing games on the Samsung Galaxy C7 phone. The result was amazing and very impressive. We didn’t find any kind of lag or heat up. The device the C7 Samsung done a great job and it was fun playing games on this device.

samsung galaxy c7 Asphault 7

It is not just gaming or watching movies but with such potent processor the device the C7 can perform intensive tasks. There are many apps and software in the Play Store which require faster and advanced processor to run. The Galaxy C7 mobile phone has the capability to run almost most or all of those apps with ease.


4: Samsung Galaxy C7 Camera:

People love to take photographs, record videos and take selfies and share them on the social media with their family and friends. Due to the need of the market and uses the mobile phone making companies focused to improve camera quality in their smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Camera


The Samsung Galaxy C7 phone has the latest and advanced camera with the best picture taking capability. This will allow the users to take outstanding lifelike pictures and photographs in Full HD.

Back Camera:

The Samsung Galaxy C7 cellphone equips a 16 MP, f/1.9, autofocus, dual-LED + dual tone) flash on the rear side of the mobile phone. With such a huge camera and increased megapixels, the device allows the users to take beautiful and quality photographs.

samsung galaxy c7 back camera

we have tested the rear camera of the Samsung galaxy C7 mobile phone and the results were amazing. The device was capable of taking low light images in an amazing quality. We took some pictures and compared them to the Samsung S series mobile phones. You can’t believe the results were almost the same.

samsung galaxy c7 back 2

Therefore, the users can capture their soulful moment and recorded their birthdays and wedding functions with the help of the Samsung Galaxy C7. The device also comes with the pre-installed HDR feature and autofocus mode. This quality converts the mobile phone into a professional HDR camera.

samsung galaxy c7 camera 1

there were some already installed effects which will beautify the captured pictures and images. But if you want more filters and effects then you can download them from the Play Store or on the internet.

Front Camera:

The Samsung Galaxy C7 phone has an 8-megapixel 2ndry camera. The camera is perfect for taking selfies and group selfies and share them over the internet with friends.

samsung galaxy c7 front

we have taken some selfie from the Samsung Galaxy C7 mobile phone which was great in quality. you can see these pics below and find how beautifully c7 captured them. You can compare these selfie photographs with other mobile selfies and find the difference.

samsung galaxy c7 camera

we are not saying that the Galaxy C7 mobile phone is the best selfie phone as there is some other Samsung mobile like S and Note which are the best phones from Samsung flagship. With such an affordable price and mid-range phone we can say that the C7 Galaxy phone is one of the best selfie phones.

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Samsung galaxy C7 Camera: Front & Back

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