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Samsung Galaxy J Series ReviewSamsung galaxy phone List with Price

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Specification Price and Review 2017

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Samsung Galaxy J3 pro: Display & Os

Specs & Table Camera Display & Storage Battery Life BUY or NOT?

5: Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 2017 smartphone with Super AMOLED Screen:

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro phone equips a Super AMOLED display screen which allows the user to view the screen of J3 Pro from each angle. The Galaxy J3 pro mobile phone comes with spread term chipsets which do not consider a remarkable one, but it has enough power to give a decent brightness to the display of Galaxy J3 Pro smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy j3 pro specification price super amoled

6: Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Operating System:

Samsung Galaxy J series phone, the Galaxy J3 Pro runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop Operating System. This OS is not the newest one, but considering the J3 Pro specifications, it has enough power to run and play all the advanced apps and games without any hurdle and lag.

This OS is not enough, and because there are latest Android Operating System on other devices and mobile phone, therefore we expect an update for  Galaxy J3 OS. There are no confirm new regarding the updates of J3 pro-2017, which makes it annoying.

7: Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 2017 Internal Storage:

The Samsung  J3 pro mobile phone has an internal memory of 16GB, which is not enough considering the massive games and apps in the play store and HD movies. But there is an advantage, and this device can support 256GB of external memory. Therefore there is no restriction, and the users can insert the external storage and save all their data and videos.

8: Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro RAM:

This device has a 2GB of RAM which is not enough for multitasking and extreme functions, whereas considering the specs of  J3 Pro 2017 model smartphone the device performs better when 2GB for RAM combines its potent processor and GPU.

9: Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Design:

In term of Design and outer look this device, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 2017 is not satisfying. If we recall the history of Samsung Galaxy smartphone, we will find that the older version of Samsung mobiles had a plastic finish body and design which was not promising. Even one of the world’s favorite smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S5 had a plastic body whereas except this the device was outstanding.

Samsung Galaxy j3 pro specification price design black

Similarly, the Galaxy J3 Pro 2017 model has some kind advance design, but the material looks the same, which makes the device look poor in term of design and looks.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 pro: Display & Os


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