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Samsung Galaxy J9: Specs Price Review

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Specs & Table Camera & display J9 Price Buy or Not?

If we talk about the Android Phones then the first name that comes to the mind is Samsung. This mobile company the Samsung is famous for its LED TVs and Smartphones. Now our focus will be on the Android phones of the Samsung Group. Samsung has made a large variety of Smartphones under different Galaxy Series. The Galaxy J Series is one of the famous Mobile phone series from Samsung Franchise. Recently we got some intel about the Samsung Galaxy J series that the company is working on a new J Series phone. The new phone is going to be named as Samsung Galaxy J9 phone.

Samsung Galaxy j9 price

Now we have limited knowledge about the Samsung Galaxy J9 phone but we can say that this will be a new device that will change our perception of the Samsung Galaxy J Series phones.

Samsung Galaxy J9 Specification:

The Samsung Galaxy J9 phone will come with powerful specs and features to outrun its competitors. We can say without any doubt that the J Series phone is almost equal to the Galaxy Note and S Series phones. There is the only difference between these phones and series is the premium quality and build quality. The Samsung Galaxy J9 Phone will come at an affordable price as compared to the other Samsung Galaxy phones like Note and S Series.

Some of the most important and notable specs of the Samsung Galaxy J9 are as follows.

1: Samsung Galaxy J9 Processor:

The processor that will come in the Samsung Galaxy J9 phone will be very powerful and fast. The processor will be accompanied by a powerful and Fast GPU which will be best for playing Full 3D games and app.

Now, what will be model and company of the processor of the Samsung Galaxy J9 phone? there is a big question mark. Some say that a Snapdragon processor will come inside the J9 phone. While others have concerns and they are agreed on Exynos Chips. Now we can’t say what kind of processor will come with the Samsung Galaxy J9 phone. The Time will decide which processor will get the advantage over other.

2: Samsung Galaxy J9 Android OS:

The upcoming and rumored Samsung Galaxy J9 phone will hire a new and updated Android OS version 9.1.1. With such a smooth and fast Android OS, the device will run faster without any lag and hurdle. Some of the most powerful and 3D games will run on the Samsung Galaxy J9 phone without any difficulty.

3: IP68 Certification:

With this quality and feature the Samsung Galaxy J9 phone will be very tough and durable. This quality is about the life of the mobile phone that means with IP68 the mobile device will become dust and waterproof. This feature has already been seen in the older Samsung Galaxy Phones.

j9 waterproof

4: Samsung Galaxy J9 RAM:

The RAM is one of the most important specs of any device. This is because of the RAM the device runs faster and smoother. If the RAM is big then the multitasking will be easier and quicker if not then the results will be opposite. There is news in the wind that the Samsung Galaxy J9 phone will come with a powerful RAM of 6GB.

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