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Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification 2018

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Samsung prototype foldable Smarphones

Prototype Foldable Smartphone:

Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification, With the start of 2012 Samsung started it hard work to launch its first generation prototype foldable smartphone.

But by the end of 2012 some important facts came out that the prototype flexible phone manufacturing will stop until 2013 starts.

According to some reliable sources and info’s at the beginning of 2013 The company is about to resolve its production problem ad further disclosed that the company is in the final stage of developing plastic-based flexible screen.

Prototype Foldable

Samsung YOUM flexible OLEDs :

Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification, During the consumer electronic service 2013 Samsung plastic flexible prototype smart stretchable phone made its first debut appearance by the name of YOUM.

But there was a lot to be done yet on YOUM making it ready for commercial appearance and use. Lately in the mid of 2013 Samsung started to face some other manufacturing issues regarding YOUM.

All previous issues and problems were resolved but this time the company had greater issues to face, that is how to protect YOUM flexible screen and display from water, moisture and air damage, due to which the work on foldable smartphone remained slow till 2016.

Samsung YOUM flexible


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Samsung prototype foldable Smarphones


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