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Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification 2018

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Samsung Galaxy X: Display, Camera

Samsung Prototype Key Feature:

In 2016 Samsung was working on the Same prototype Foldable smartphone but this time it was rumored to be called as Samsung Galaxy X and were expected to be launched in 2017, with new and improved specifications and 4k ultra high definition screen resolution display.

Now we are in 2018 and there is no sign and physical form of the Prototype rumored. This is not the end of the journey as in SID 2016 Samsung showed a glimpse of its Flexible prototype which lacked touchscreen display.

Later in 2017, the mobile tech experts were expecting two new folding phones from Samsung. It was supposed that One of the smartphones to be having a 5-inch handset with an eight-inch display screen while the other one would be a folding device as shown back in a concept video of foldable phones by Samsung during 2016.

Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification Key Feature

 Samsung flexible prototypes in 2017 :

There wasn’t any update on Samsung flexible prototypes in 2017 or any noticeable improvement in its technology yet it was believed that the company has overcome and resolved one of its biggest problem regarding foldable phones which was it can fold without causing any damage to its internal components.


Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification


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Samsung Galaxy X: Display, Camera


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