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Samsung Galaxy S10 Specification & Price

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Camer, 10RAM, GPU 

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 2: Samsung Galaxy S10 RAM:

Both the smartphones will have a 10Gb of RAM installed inside. This kind of increased RAM will be potent and fast. Multitasking, 3D games, and massive software will run smoothly and fluently like never before.

It will be fun playing high edge games and watching 4K videos on both devices.

3: Samsung Galaxy S10  Camera:

There upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 edge smartphone will hire a 20 Megapixels camera on the back side of both devices with dual LED FLASH. This camera will be perfect for recording 4K videos in outstanding quality.

Still, photography, low light image capturing, DSLR quality photos and motion video recording will be some of its unique features.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S upcoming phones will have an 18 Megapixel front-facing camera, which will be more than enough for taking selfies. Now there will be more fun in taking self-pictures and group Selfies like never before.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specification & price Camera

4: Samsung Galaxy S10 GPU:

There will be a latest and potent GPU inside both the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge Smartphone. The company will introduce the newest model of MALI GPU for the forthcoming Galaxy S Series Smartphones.

The users will be able to play high-quality 3D games in 4K resolution on both the devices. This kind of GPU will match the quality of Gaming Consoles, like XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specification & price Display

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Camer, 10RAM, GPU 

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