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Samsung Galaxy S10 Specification & Price

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Price & Release Date

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4: Samsung Galaxy S10  Internal Storage:

Both the upcoming Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Edge Smartphones will come in two variants. The first one will have 64Gb of internal storage with 8Gb of RAM, whereas the second one will have 128GB of storage with 10GB of RAM Advanced dual-band WIFI system, enhanced NFC and many more features and properties will be available in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Edge Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification storage

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date:

Samsung released Phones

Samsung Galaxy s10 has been released 8 March 2019, it is now available on markets you can get it from any retailers if you want it online you can get it from the given deals below:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price:

The Exact price of Samsun galaxy s10 $1080 to $1200 Dollars and it vary from its different variantion in the available version ie 128gb and 512gb availble in market.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Price & Release Date

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