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[Expected]Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge: Price Specs & Review

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samsung galaxy s11 edge

Samsung galaxy Launch Date:

Samsung S11 Edge Price list:

Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge Camera:

S11 edge Features:

Samsung galaxy S11 edge ( RUMOURED)

When we talk about the Android mobile phones, the first name comes to the mind is Samsung. How can we ignore the vast range of Samsung Galaxy Mobile phones which are awesome in each way? The Samsung Galaxy Phones comes with different price tags, some are cheaper in price while others come in sky reaching prices.

Recently we got some news which confirmed that the Korean Gaint Samsung is working on a new project of Samsung Galaxy S Series phone. This phone is now being called in the mobile world the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge. We don’t have sufficient data to tell you the complete specs and each and every detail of this S11 edge phone.

However, in this article, we will have a look at some of the most important features and properties of the Samsung Galaxy S11 edge mobile phone.

This phone the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge is the Elder and bigger version of the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 phone. The S11 phone is too a mystery mobile phone without any date of release and design to chat on. The Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge will come out on the market when Samsung Officially Launches the device until then we have to wait.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge Specification:

The rumored and upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone is one of the most awaited phones of the future. There is no doubt that this device the S11 Edge will bear some of the most powerful specs and features. We all know the quality and specs Samsung uses in its Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Series mobile phones. Recently Samsung has launched two new variants of S Series phone, The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. We have looked in deep and observed all the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone and S9 plus phone and concluded that this phone will the top scorer of 2018 without any doubt.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge PLUS specs

1: Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge Processor:
Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone will come with new and potent specs to make the device a monster. The Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge device comes will following specs and the details are as follows.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge mobile phone will come with a powerful processor and GPU. Now the question arises that what model of Snapdragon Processor will come in this upcoming Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone? Definitely, we don’t know the form and model of the processor but we do know that the processor will be very compelling.

samsung processor

The Samsung Galaxy S11 edge phone will be able to play all of the Android top Rated games with high graphics. Gaming and watching Full HD movies and videos will be fun on the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone.

2: Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge RAM:

The RAM is one of the most important and key features in any device. The Samsung always focuses on the RAM on its mobile device. Recently a 6GB of RAM has been used in the Samsung Galaxy phones. With 6Gb of RAM, the device converts into a monster and its performance improves quickly.

s8 vs note 8 storage

Now talking about the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone, this device will hire an 8GB of RAM or 10GB. we are not sure on this RAM issue, but we are certain that the S11 Edge will get an increased RAM.

3: Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge Display:

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone will come with a bigger and better display than the normal S11 and S10 Edge phone. The mobile experts are expecting that the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone will hire a 6.5-Inch huge display. These are not the official news, therefore, we are not 100 percent sure that this device will have these features.

samsung galaxy s11 edge display

4: Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge Camera:

The Samsung Galaxy S Series phones always come with a top quality camera with outstanding picture capturing ability. The Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone will come with a 20-MP back camera on the other side a 16-MP Dual Camera will come on the front side of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone.

samsung galaxy s11 edge camera

If you are a selfie lover and like to share your photos and videos on the social media then this device will be the best choice to buy.

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