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[Expected]Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge: Price Specs & Review

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Samsung Galaxy s11 Edge Review

Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge Review:

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone is an upcoming mobile device under Samsung Galaxy S Series Flagship. There are dozens of websites which are covering and writing on this Galaxy S11 edge device. Let me tell you one thing none of those websites has any reliable and confirmed information about the S11 Edge phone.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge REview

We don’t have any news and info as this Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone is a rumoured device. The company officials do not own the device and don’t give us any info. Due to which we are unable to write a complete and detailed review of this mobile device. To make a review on this Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone we have to wait until this device gets a release date.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge Concept:

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone is an upcoming device. This is a whole new concept, according to the rumours this device may come with some extra features to make the phone much better like never before.

samsung galaxy s11 edge concept

The Korean company Samsung is working on a prototype of Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge mobile phone. There is a lot yet to be done, the final form of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge device is in the process of completion. The experts are saying this phone the S11 Edge will begin a new light in the mobile world.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge Features:

Every Galaxy Phone is a complete device and a full package Android phone. It does not matter which model of Galaxy phone we are talking about, all the models, the Galaxy s, Note, J and so on all come with unique and advanced features. The new S Series phone the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge will equip a lot of new and upgraded features. Due to which the device will run faster and it will be easy to operate the S11 Edge mobile device.

Some of the most prominent Features of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone are as follows.

1: Always On Display:

We have seen this feature in the previous models of the Samsung Galaxy Phones. With this quality, the users are able to see the notifications, time, alerts and battery usage. This app made it easy for the users as they can see the alerts and much more without waking up the phone. Therefore, the battery of the mobile device last longer as compared to the phones lack this Always On Display features.

samsung galaxy s11 edge display

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge phone will come with the latest and upgraded form of the Always On Display. There are some errors in the older model we expect that in the Samsung S11 Edge device these errors will completely be removed.

2: Bixby Technology:

The Bixby feature is not a new one because this feature has been used in some of the most famous mobile phones from Samsung Flagship. We expect that in Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge mobile phone this feature will be even better and responsive.

samsung galaxy A10 Specification & price bixby

3: Super AMOLED Display:

The Super AMOLED Display technology allows the users to see the mobile phone from each angle. In simple words, this features increases and improves the viewing angle of the mobile phone. In Samsung Galaxy S11 Edge device we expect that the Samsung will use a next-gen SUPER AMOLED Display technology.


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Samsung Galaxy s11 Edge Review


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