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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification, Price, Release Date and Review

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Display & Battery

10: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Edge display:

The edge display in Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone is very cool and much better than the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price display on

The users can do a lot of thing by using the Edge display in Samsung S7 Edge smartphone by just clicking on the surface. You can see the contacts, news, and weather by using the Edge display option.

This is not the end of the story for the Edge display as the company Samsung is continuously updating new features and apps in the play store for the edge display. The users can download different apps and software for the Edge display.

At the end, we can say that it is a cool option in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone, which is by using Edge Display we can use a couple of applications and see notifications which were like a big disappointment in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

11: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery:

In this section, we got some good news that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone will have a 3600mah battery, which is a big achievement for Samsung considering the previous S Series mobile phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge mobile phones had smaller batteries as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, which made both the device very poor in term of battery usage. This is odd, don’t you think? Because as the new model arises the mobile phone should get new and updated features.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery

After observing the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone by using the device for 3 to 4 days we found, there was 15 to 20 percent of battery left by bedtime.


We also analyzed the Samsung S7 edge throughout the night and in the morning 10 percent of battery lost. The reason was simply that the Always on Display was on. And when we turned off the option and next night we noticed a 2 percent battery drop throughout the night, which is very impressive for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge mobile phone.


We can say that this battery efficiency is due to the Exynos chip but this is not the only reason because Google Android OS Marshmallow has done the jot by bringing an Android tablet for the OS. Which makes the mobile phone more battery efficient.


We ran some more battery test for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile. The battery of S7 Edge was 100 percent in charge, then we watch a Full HD video in maximum brightness for about 90 minutes. The result was impressive because there was a 14 percent drop in the battery of Samsung S7 Edge.


Samsung claims that the users can watch Full HD movies and videos on Galaxy S7 Edge for continuous 13 hours without charging the mobile phone. The battery draining depends on the usage of the Mobile Phone. Some users connect the mobile with the cellular data or WIFI service to watch movies and youtube videos, and some watch movies by switching the fight mode on.


The Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone has another feature which is Ultra Saving Mode. This mode of Battery is for emergencies. If the battery of the device is running out this mode allows the users to save some battery life until they reach their homes and plug the mobile with an adaptor charger.


We can say that the Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone has a decent battery life if we compare it to its predecessor or one of the famous mobile phone or phablet in the cellular market which is Apple iPhone 6s plus.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge clearly outruns the HTC 10, LG 5 and latest iPhone 7s plus phablet in term of battery usage. So the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone comes with an improved and long battery life which will last for a day with some battery left.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Display & Battery


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