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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification, Price, Release Date and Review

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 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Camera & Selfie

12: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera:

There is no doubt that the camera in Samsung mobile is very good and take amazing pictures. The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone comes with the best camera quality.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price camera

The pixels in the camera are less as compared to Samsung S6 Edge smartphone. The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera. this is not a bad news for camera lovers because the lower pixels camera has a better autofocusing option. Therefore, you can take life like pictures and outstanding low light images on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone.


By doing some test on the camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone we got some great and impressive results and finally, we concluded that the Samsung S7 Edge has the best mobile camera Samsung has ever made. But due to the arrival of Samsung new S Series mobile phone the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus the result may change.


If you want to take some pictures from Samsung S7 Edge mobile, don’t worry because if you are taking a landscape picture, a portrait or record a video the S7 Edge camera will do its job superbly.


Now it is the time we can say that the Samsung is about the reach the quality of Apple iPhone mobile in term of the camera and maybe in the future, it may beat the king of the mobile camera the iPhone.


The low light images and photographs captured from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone were outstanding in all aspects and much better than its older version the Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone which was a little bit dizzy in low light images.


We compared Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with Apple iPhone 6s plus an older version of S Series phone the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in low light photography, the result was astonishing. The S7 Edge mobile done the job smoothly, autofocusing and taking pictures was very fast than its competitors.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can take bigger pictures as it has a bigger camera and more pixels but the images were not amazing but they were like muddy and noisy if we compare the results with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone camera.


We will update our review on the camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone but after doing a comparison between the cameras of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and APPLE IPHONE 7s plus. Until then you have to wait.

 13: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Selfies:

We know that in this era every one loves to take pictures and record videos and save them. But here we are not talking about just pictures and videos but the Selfies. Therefore, nowadays the mobile manufacturing companies mainly focus the front camera.


We can see most of the mobile brands are introducing bigger front facing camera compared to its rear side. There are many examples where can see the front-facing camera is extremely big. Like in Vevo mobile phone and OPPO smartphones which are most famous for taking selfies and group selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price selfie 3


If you like selfies or hate them it doesn’t matter as all the mobile phones are coming with front facing the camera, so it is not our choice to make yet we take advantage with these front-facing cameras. These selfie cameras are not only for taking selfies or group pictures but they can also use for video chat.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price selfie 1

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone has an advanced and updated Screen Flash camera which is similar to the Apple iPhone mobile. The function of Screen Flash is the same as we saw in iPhone. Actually, this technology makes the picture bright and give a glow to the selfie, so the users can take an even better selfie and group selfies.


By taking a lot of selfies in Galaxy S7 edge, we found that this device is a monster in term of camera and quality and the pictures were very smooth and quick as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and Apple iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price selfie 2


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone comes with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. This is one of the best selfie cameras we ever tested. It is able to take outstanding selfies with prominent textures. Therefore, it will fun for the users to take selfies and group images and share them on the social media.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has many features and effects in its camera app. There is an HDR mode for high-quality video recording. Low light photographs are awesome if we compare the S7 Edge phone with The Galaxy S6 Edge mobile phone. Beauty effects and a lot more options are available in the camera app or the users can download any camera application from the Google Play Store.

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 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Camera & Selfie

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