Samsung Galaxy S8 Specification 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specification
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Pros & Cons


1: Beautiful design and premium outer looks.

2: 5.8-inch big screen for watching movies and playing games.

3: Super AMOLED Display.

4: Comes with IP 68 technology.

5: Best class cameras on both sides of the device.

6: Advance IP 68 certified mobile.

7: Iris Scanner technology.

8: Bluetooth 5.0

9: wireless charging technology.


1: The fingerprint sensor is in an odd position.

2: Bixby enabled.

3: Just 3000 Mah battery.



Samsung Galaxy S8 Specification, In total this latest device from Samsung is an outstanding and brilliant device which is a masterpiece and will set new records in the cellular world business. There is no doubt that it will make a new image of Samsung Brand and will be loved by users. Advanced techs and performance, brighter and crisper screen, high-performance processor and containing new and advanced feature will make the device unmatched. For more information and specifications of Samsung Mobile stay connected and keep visiting our site

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specification

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Pros & Cons

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