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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 2018 Specification

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Samsung Galaxy S9 plus Review :

The body of Samsung Galaxy S9 is packed with Aluminum frame on its side and it comes with Corning Gorilla glass fifth version which makes it tough and scratchless. This device has the advantage of having IP 68 certificate due to which it can survive underwater for about half an hour without being damaged. Samsung Galaxy S9 plus is supposed to be having the biggest display Samsung ever made which is 6.2-inch big touchscreen.

It comes with Super AMOLED screen with an outstanding resolution of 1440 x 12960 and a pixel density of 531 approx. In terms of Processor, the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus is packed with a powerful and the latest next-generation processor Snapdragon 845, which will exclusively be launched in Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone plus only.

This isn’t done yet, This mobile The mighty Galaxy S9 plus will run on the latest Android operating system, Oreo 8.0 smoothly and perfectly as compared to the older versions of Android operating systems. The S9 plus comes with dual camera, on the back side is the 12-megapixel primary camera with dual led flash is good for low light shooting where is there is an 8-megapixel front facing camera especially good for capturing selfies.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 plus comes with 6 GB of RAM which can handle multitasking fluently. last but not the least The Samsung Galaxy S9 plus will be having 128 Gb of internal storage so that a large data of apps and videos can easily be stored.


1: Super Crisp AMOLED screen.

2: Metallic Body and design.

3: Increased RAM for smoother performance.

4: a Powerful processor for multitasking.

5: Always on technology for notifications and alerts.

6: Advanced fingerprint sensor.

7: Updated and latest facial recognition technology.


1: too much expensive.

2: Bixby support makes it kind of odd.


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