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Samsung Galaxy S9 Specification Price and Review 2018

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Samsung Galaxy S9: Display, Screen & Amoled

1: Samsung Galaxy S9 display and Screen:

The Samsung is famous for its vibrant screen and brighter display. So there is enough chance that Samsung will use its same Super AMOLED screen technology in its upcoming Galaxy S9 phone. According to some reports, the forthcoming S9 phone will have the same screen size which the last year S8 phone had, a 5.8 inch display. Some other say that it will be 5.65-inch display in the S9 phone, but these are just assumptions the real picture will come out when this phone finally gets a release date.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Specification price display

2: Samsung Galaxy S9 with Super AMOLED quality:

Some leaks have shown a picture of Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone that the device will be having a 5.8 inch Super AMOLED QHD plus display which is quite impressive. Super AMOLED technology makes the screen brighter and crisper, gives a vibrant brightness to the presentation of the S9 phone. It will be entertaining to watch HD quality and 4K videos and movies on such an outstanding display quality. Games will bring a new virtual reality while playing in the S9 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specification price amoled


3: Samsung Galaxy S9 Design and Body:

If we look at the leaked images that we have seen which describes the body of Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile phone. Focusing on the models, we found remarkably reduced bezels on the main screen which was quite promising and attractive. The S9 in pictures look same in size like S8 but with less bezel around the display which was giving a premium finish to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specification price design
Some other reports claim that the upcoming Galaxy S9 will have 90 percent of its front display will be its screen. But these are just assumptions and based on the leaked images and pictures.

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Samsung Galaxy S9: Display, Screen & Amoled


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