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Samsung Galaxy S9 Specification Price and Review 2018

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Samsung Galaxy S9: Battery, Os & Ram.


7: Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery:

The battery has a vital role in such vast and significant screen smartphones, like Galaxy S8 and upcoming S series mobile phone. But here is the question, how much will be the Battery size of Samsung Galaxy S9 phone? And how long will it last? They are the most asked questions regarding Samsung Galaxy S9, but we don’t have enough proof and official reports which confirm the exact size and format of Galaxy S9 battery.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification battery

According to some news and rumors, the upcoming S9 Galaxy phone will have a 3000mah battery. This is not a positive report regarding S9 battery as it has a giant display screen. But experts are assuming that the Exynos processor in Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will make the battery more efficient, that will last longer as compared to it older versions of Samsung Galaxy S series mobile phones.
This is a controversial topic, the right way to analyze the battery of forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 phone is to wait, and let the phone get a release date, then we will be having an enhanced discussion on S9 specifications and features.

8: Samsung Galaxy S9 Operating System and Power:

Experts and news reports are predicting that Samsung is going to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, as Qualcomm is releasing 845 chips soon.
The Samsung is going to introduce two different processors in Galaxy S9 smartphone. The US version for S9 Galaxy phone will be having Qualcomm 845, whereas outside the US an Exynos 9810 chip will be used in Galaxy S9 mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specification price os

The forthcoming Samsung S9 Galaxy phone will have an octa-core processor. Four cores of 2.8ghz whereas four cores of 1.8Gzh will run parallelly in Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, making it 30 percent faster than its predecessors and Qualcomm 835 processor.
An LTE modem will also come within the phone which will allow the device download any file 1.2Gbps faster than other smartphones. Which means 4K videos and High Definition movies will download in no time.

9: Samsung Galaxy S9 RAM:

The latest news and reports claim that Samsung is going to use a 4GB RAM in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, which is not a good movie considering this multi-billion company which has introduced a large no of high tech smartphones. We are expecting more because there are other mobile companies which have upgraded their smartphones up to 6GB and Samsung still sticks to its earlier format of 4GB RAM.
Let the time decide the destiny of S9 Galaxy phone, but some other rumors say that the other Samsung S series phone, frankly speaking, the elder brother of Samsung Galaxy S9, the S9 plus will have an upgraded 6GB of RAM.
Whether it will be 4GB or 6GB of RAM, but combining with Qualcomm 845 or Exynos 9810 processor will perform smoothly and will do the last function without any hurdle and lag.

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Samsung Galaxy S9: Battery, Os & Ram.


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