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Samsung Galaxy X Camera

Samsung Galaxy X Specs:

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date specs

The Samsung galaxy X Phone is the coming mobile device from Samsung Franchise. Its release date is a mystery and no one really knows when the Korean is going to release this marvellous device. Just like the release date of the Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy YOUM phone its specs and detail is foggy. As the company isn’t revealing the exact specs of the forthcoming Galaxy YOUM and Foldable PHone.

According to our sources and news, we have succeeded to gather some info and Spec details of the Bendable Galaxy X phone. These properties and specs of the Samsung Galaxy x phone are as follows.

Samsung Galaxy X Design:

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date xglass

No wonder this upcoming Samsung Galaxy X phone will be wonderful. If the limited info we have is true then the forthcoming Galaxy X phone will set new heights in the cellular word. According to our sources and collected information, the Galaxy X or bendable phone will have two OLED Screen which is connected with a hinge in the middle. We remember the Samsung Galaxy Edge phones, So just think how cooler and better this YOUM phone would be with 2 screens at a time.

The Samsung Officials and rumoured news claim that the Samsung Galaxy X will have a giant 7.3-inch display screen with more pixels and improved resolution. Now, these are the rumours and unreliable info which aren’t authentic or company’s news. But we expect Samsung to be better with the info we got from the internet about the Samsung Galaxy X phone.

Samsung Galaxy X Camera:

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date camera

The upcoming and most awaited Samsung YOUM PriceĀ  will have 2 Camera. The first rear and 2nd front-facing Camera. Now the detail of this Camera is not clear as we don’t have any reliable news. But we can say that like the mysterious Galaxy X phone its camera will be outstanding.

Other specs like, Samsung Galaxy X Battery, Samsung Galaxy X RAM, YOUM internal Storage and Android OS are yet to be discovered.

Samsung Galaxy X RAM:

The RAM of this forthcoming phone is still unknown.

Samsung Galaxy X Android OS:

No info available now.

Samsung Galaxy X Hard Disk:

According to the reliable sources, we can say that the upcoming phone will have a 512GB of Storage.

Samsung Galaxy X Battery:

Still no news about the Battery of YOUM.

Samsung Galaxy X Resolution:

There is no news which can tell us the exact resolution of the Samsung Galaxy X phone.

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Samsung Galaxy X Camera

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