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Here is why Samsung Postponed Galaxy Z Flip Pre-orders

The Samsung and other tech enthusiasts are all aware of Galaxy Z Flip and the prototype idea of a phone that could stand made possible by the recent innovation and improvement in the folding technology for smartphones. The Korean manufacturer had even started pre-orders for the device but since the COVID-19 pandemic is taking down everything in its path, Samsung had to end the pre-orders for Galaxy Z Flip till that might reopen by 8th April 2020. 

galaxy z flip Pre orders

According to a recent post published on the official Samsung page, people will no longer be able to place pre-orders for Galaxy Z Flip that would be the first proper folding phone. Though they didn’t completely let the fans down and kept the hope-door open by ensuring that these pre-orders will open again soon in the coming month. 

Samsung has even released some most important news about the Galaxy Z Flip specifications. The manufacturer was able to achieve this folding design to a special type of flexible glass that doesn’t break even when folded perpendicularlyAlso, the phone will be featuring a dual-battery providing better backup. 

The major idea behind this design has been to achieve maximum compactness from a phone that is of the same size as its other counterparts such as iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10. So when you fold the phone, it would be easy to fit in your pockets without taking much space. 

It doesn’t matter which area of the life we talk about and deal with, the coronavirus outbreak seems to affect everything around us. The whole world is under lockdown and due to the most business closing their physical stores and workshops, these activities don’t seem to be resuming soon, though we for sure hope otherwise. 

We hope that Samsung will reopen these pre-orders for Galaxy Z Flip soon on the promised date of 8th April. Just like you, we at SMS are waiting desperately to get our hands on this phone.  

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