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Samsung S8 Plus Specification Price, Release Date, and Review

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Review, Screen & Display

1: Samsung Galaxy S8 plus Review:

Now it depends on you whether you like Samsung S8 or Samsung S8 plus. If you are fond of a compact 5.5-inch screen which can easily behold in the hand and can comfortably fit in the pocket, then go for Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone. But if you are big screen lover and the size does not bother you then Galaxy S8 plus will be a perfect choice. But the decision will be yours.

The Samsung S8 plus mobile phone comes in a 6.3-inch large display, which is the largest and most prominent display for a mobile phone not only for Samsung but also for the whole mobile phone manufacturing companies in the world.

Samsung S8 Plus Specification price review


Previously we have seen a 6-inch giant display screen for Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone, but the mobile wasn’t easy to carry, which looked very odd and annoying. Now the story and the scene is opposite, and here we are talking about Galaxy S8 plus which has a 6.3-inch premium quality display, which is love to watch.

The design and body of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is comfortable to hold which feels same like Apple iPhone 7 Plus mobile, which was a bit shorter in the display, which was 5.5-inch as compared to Samsung S8 Plus smartphone.

Just like galaxy s7 and Galaxy S8 the latest Samsung S8 plus has the same IP68 technology which has the power to resist the moister and sand not to enter the device. Making it dust and waterproof.


2: Samsung S8 Plus Screen:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Smartphone has a giant 6.2-inch big screen, and it is one of the first galaxy smartphone capable of HDR recording. The screen of Samsung S8 plus is beautiful and crisp, that is because of its Super AMOLED Display. The Galaxy S8 plus smartphone comprises 88 percent of the display screen in total, which is unique and more extensive and more significant than the earlier Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and iPhone 7 plus mobile.

Samsung galaxy S8 Plus Specification price screen


The company Samsung is now introducing the HDR technology in the mobile phones vigorously, Samsung has already used this technique in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Tab S3. But soon this technology of HDR is coming in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus mobile phones. But this is not the complete story, and there may be an unseen and unnoticed problem in Samsung S8 plus mobile phone, which is the HDR video content and data from Amazon, Hulu Plus, and Netflix are not yet available in mobile phones.


4: Samsung S8 plus Curved Display with Super AMOLED Tech:

The Samsung S8 plus mobile phone has curved edges at both front sides of the Galaxy S8 mobile phone, which makes it noticeable and attractive, whereas it’s Super AMOLED Display is much brighter and crisper than its predecessor and older version of Samsung Galaxy S Series mobile phones. Watching videos and playing games on the giant screen of Galaxy S8 plus is fun. The S8 plus supports the 4K resolution and video playback, but due to battery saving app and controlling battery drainage the device automatically converts 4K video to 1080p videos.


Samsung S8 Plus Specification price amoled

5: Samsung S8 Plus and Always On Display:

This technology is a remarkable improvement in term of notification and alerts comes in Smartphones. The Always-on display means, there is no need of waking the phone for watching the received warnings and alerts, or time and battery levels, because these notifications are always on the screen, whereas the mobile phone is in the sleeping mode. Still on display has already been used by Samsung in its earlier mobile phones.

Samsung S8 Plus Specification price display


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Review, Screen & Display


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