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Samsung S8 Plus Specification Price, Release Date, and Review

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Samsung Galaxy S Series: History, List of Mob

Samsung Galaxy S Series:

Samsung is one of the most reputed mobile phone company throughout the whole world, which has shown us a large variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic products. The Galaxy S Series of the Samsung is one of the most successful series Samsung has ever made. The Galaxy S Series comprises of Following mobile phones.

Samsung S8 Plus Specification price series

1: Samsung Galaxy S1

2: Samsung Galaxy S2

3: Samsung Galaxy S3

4: Samsung Galaxy S4

5: Samsung Galaxy S5

6: Samsung Galaxy S6

7: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

8: Samsung Galaxy S7

9: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

10: Samsung Galaxy S8

11: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus,

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones:

1: Samsung Galaxy S9

2: Samsung Galaxy S9 plus

3: Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge

4: Samsung Galaxy S10

5: Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S Series History:

This was a little historical background of Samsung Galaxy S Series mobile phones, now let us come to the main topic the Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone.

The Galaxy S8 smartphone is the latest mobile of Galaxy S Series line up, which was released in 2017 along with its elder brother Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Both of the Galaxy S series mobile phones are outstanding in all aspects, they are beautiful, compelling, and all in one package smartphones.


The Samsung Galaxy s8 plus mobile is very compelling device has all the advanced and latest features and specs considering the detailed article and review.

This device the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus has an outstanding camera, powerful GPU, and CPU, a compelling RAM, 6.3-inch big screen display, always on, Bixby technology, which makes the Samsung S8 plus smartphone an outmatched phone. If you buy this smartphone, you will love its performance and functions.

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Samsung Galaxy S Series: History, List of Mob


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