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Top 10 Best phones with battery life

Phones with the best Battery

 The market is fully packed with every sort of smartphone but not every model has a flawless battery backup. It is essentially a distinctive feature that needs to be on your mobile, allowing you to use your phone without having to worry about its power failure after a short-time of use.     So, have you ever wondered which … Read more

Top 10 Best Camera Phones 2022 For Photography

Best Camera Phone 2020

We have entered in 2022 when accessing a top-notch camera phone is no longer difficult. As a regular smartphone user, I have been witnessing several handsets in the market including those with as many as five cameras on the back and pegging to record up to 8k videos.  Luckily, a large range of gadgets come on the list … Read more

Top 10 Best Phones under 500 | Find out Budget Phone under 500 Dollars

best phone under 500 usd

 Purchasing a new phone means you have the choice to pick the phone you need and then bring it to your desired network. As modern technology is moving forward & more powerful phones are emerging every day, their capability to offer more has too boosted significantly.   If you have a budget of $500, you can … Read more

Top 10 Best Phones under 400 Dollars, Pounds & Euro

Best Phone under 400 dollars

 Smartphones tend to be attractive, lively, and vibrant. While living with the modern technology of smart devices, choosing the right phone from a large range of options is hard to accomplish. You do not want to burn a hole in your pocket by purchasing any of the costly models anymore. Luckily, many budget-friendly options are there that … Read more

2022| Top 10 Best Phones Under 300 Dollars, Pounds & Euro

Samsung Best Phone under 300 dollar

New phones with new and innovative features keep on blooming in the smartphone market. Huge RAM, powerful processor, alluring phone body, and massive megapixels leave no point unturned to lure the users. Getting all this in a price range that doesn’t burn your pocket becomes a big plus.   However, if you are puzzled about what phone … Read more