Samsung Galaxy J Series Review

Samsung Galaxy J Series, Samsung has announced a new line up of its Galaxy J series smartphones this year. The Galaxy J Pro has some distinguished features as compare to its older models and predecessors. The device is packed with next-generation technology for premium usage and functions so that user can play games and watch high definition videos fluently that is without any hurdle. The device comes with an advanced 1.6 octa-core processor with the support of 3GB of RAM is capable of doing multitasking. Samsung Galaxy J Series, Samsung Galaxy J pro has a giant screen of 5.5-inch display good for the movie and video lovers. The super AMOLED technology installed inside the device makes it look sleek and premium, moreover due to this technology its screen and display look sharper and brighter as compared to its predecessor. There is a 32 GB of internal storage good for storing personal data, games, and applications. The device is not done yet, a 13 megapixels camera on both sides of the device are good enough to capture high-quality images and record high definition videos. In short, this device has all the specs and functions which will attract the users to buy it.