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Samsung Mobile Price & Specifications

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Samsung is one of the leading brands in the smartphones industry, Samsung mobile specs are providing a complete specification of Samsung phones & Samsung mobile prices with updated specs. Samsungmobilespecs (SMS) generally gets updated on a daily basis. We provide prices from contacting retailers but still, we don’t 100% guaranteed about the prices but we can assure you the prices & specs on our site are 99.99 accurate. Still, we recommend you to visit the nearest shop.

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Samsung Mobiles Prices and Specifications: 

Samsung’s journey after the release of Galaxy S3 has been pretty incredible after which the users have only seen an incline of quality, performance, and latest technology. While they keep manufacturing, it is time that we bring you a full history of Samsung Mobile Prices and Specifications ranked from Galaxy S SeriesA Series, C SeriesJ Series, Grand prime Series, On series to including Galaxy Note Series as well.

On this site you will get to know about the updated Samsung Mobile Prices, This New Year 2024 The team behind it updates the price of each Samsung phones weekly and some times on a daily basis. The price of the old phones has been replaced with the current retail price of the Samsung phones available in the markets. SMS (Samsungmobilespecs ) not only providing Samsung Galaxy phone prices in dollars but also in 40 other currencies of the world unlike other Mobile sites available on the internet.

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The Electronic market is updating date by date and new phones are replacing the old ones which directly causes the drop in the price of that phone. We know the importance of trust and authenticity, we try our best to provide accurate Samsung phone prices & each detail of the phone with correct knowledge.

Samsung Upcoming Mobiles: 

The Samsung fans always feel anticipated about the upcoming Samsung mobiles with new technology and features. If you came looking for the latest news regarding the upcoming Samsung mobiles then you are just at the right spot. 

Let us now enlist some of the best upcoming Samsung phones with their expected price ranges: 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S12 and S12 Plus: 

     The flagship phone from Samsung: Galaxy S12 and S12 Plus are expected to be released in 2021 with price expectation of $1500 for S12 and about $2000 for S12 Plus. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 (S11) and S20 Plus (S11 Plus): 

    These two will be the predecessors to the previous phones where S20 is expected to be around $999, and S20 Plus @ 1090 & S20 Ultra at $11380, the other variants Galaxy S20 512GB @ 1550

The list of other upcoming Samsung phones in 2020 are: 

Since you have been waiting for it desperately, let us move and cover the prices and specifications of the most popular Samsung phones from different series. 

Samsung Galaxy S Series Prices and Specifications: 

Being the most popular flagship phone series in the world, the current prices and specifications of the phones from the S Series by Samsung are: 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Price and Specs:  

Currently, the most expensive Samsung S Series phone in the market, the retail price of Samsung S10 512 GB is around $1700 that would be 220,000 in PKRThe 128 GB storage variant costs around $1250 that are 165,000 PKR. 

The phone features different storage options such as 512 GB and 128 GB with 8 GB ram installed and a 4,100mAh battery for long-lasting backup. It features an AMOLED display, hybrid dual-sim, and micro SD support up to 512 GB. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Price and Specs: 

Galaxy S10, on the other hand, is a cheaper option that costs around $1100 that is 145,000 PKR. 

The phones feature 128 GB storage, 8 GB ram, and AMOLED digital display with 16M colors, and 3,400mAh li-ion battery for a long-lasting backup. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Price and Specs: 

The current price of S9 Plus 128 GB is around $835 in the market that is 110,000 in PKR. 

The storage can be expanded to 256 GB and other specs include an Octa-core processor, fingerprint and heart rate sensors, 8 GB ram, and 3,500 mAh lithium-ion battery. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Price and Specs:  

The current retail price of Galaxy S9 is around $820 that is around 100,000 to 105,000 in PKR in the market. 

This phone features 64 GB storage with 6 GB ram, Super AMOLED capacitative display, 3D Touch, 4k video recording, and 3,500 mAh lithium-ion battery. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Price and Specs: 

This could be the best time to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 because it only costs around $400 that is 55,000 PKR.  

Featuring 64 GB storage and 4 GB ram, and AMOLED Digital Screen. Also, it features a lithium-ion 3,000 mAh battery, 8 MP and 13 MP rear camera, and micro SD support of up to 256 GB that is pretty great. 

Samsung Galaxy Note Series Prices and Specification 

After the Galaxy S Series, Note Series holds much importance since it is another great flagship that releases 2-3 phones every year. Let us move ahead and tell you the prices and specifications of the latest phones in the Samsung Galaxy Note Series. Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 plus are the upcoming members from note series

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Price and Specs:  

It is quite difficult to afford Note 10 Plus right now since its current retail price is $1461 that is about 200,000 PKR in Pakistan. 

However, featuring the Android 9.0 Pie, 256 and 128 GB storage options, Corning Gorilla Glass, Hybrid Dual SIM, 1 TB micro SD support, and 12 MP Quad Camera, this phone is really worth this price. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price and Specs: 

Among our top Samsung mobile recommendations, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 costs $1250 in Pakistan that is 170,000 in PKR. 

This phone also features the Android 9.0 Pie, 12 MP triple camera, 2x optical zoom, 256 GB storage, 8 GB ram, 3,500 mAh long-lasting battery, and HDR 10 compliant. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB Price and Specs: 

The 512 GB of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the same price range as the previous phone on this list that costs around $1250 that is 170,000 in PKR. 

However, the rest of the specs are different featuring an Android 8.1 Oreo, 512 GB storage and 8 GB ram, 4,000 mAh battery, fast battery charging, AMOLED display, 12 MP dual cam. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price and Specs: 

While Note 10 and Note 9 are already out, Note 8 is much more affordable costing around $800 and 90,000 PKR. 

Note 8 has multiple storage options including 64, 128, and 256 GB with micro SD slot available as well. The phone features 6 GB ram, 3D touch, Android OS can be upgraded to Pie 9.0, fingerprint and heart rate sensor, and 12-megapixel dual camera. 

Samsung Galaxy A Series Prices and Specifications 

Samsung Galaxy A Series has also been a huge success even though it is not a flagship by the brand. Some of its phones such as A80, A50, and A6 garnered critical acclaim from experts and users. Let us now move ahead and bring the prices and specifications of the most popular phones in the Samsung Galaxy A Series. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy A80 Price and Specifications: 

Samsung Galaxy A80 costs at a retail price of $850 and 115,000 PKR in Pakistan. This is the only phone in the series that is above a price tag of 100,000. 

When it comes to the specs, this thing is a beast featuring a 48-megapixel triple camera, 4k video recording, Adreno 618 GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, 128 GB storage, and 6 GB ramThe screen resolution of the phone is 1080×2400 on a Super AMOLED Capacitative touchscreen. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy A70 Price and Specifications: 

Samsung Galaxy A70 is a processor to A80 that only costs about $450 worldwide and 60,000 PKR in Pakistan. 

Being an affordable A series phone, it features the Android 9.0 Pie OS, Octa-Core Snapdragon 675 processor, Adreno 612 GPU for smooth gaming, 128 GB storage, and 6 GB ram. Watching movies and gaming will be a whole new experience on its Super AMOLED Digital Screen. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy A9 Price and Specifications: 

This phone was released in 2018 and is still available under an expensive price tag of $600 worldwide and 80,000 PKR in Pakistan. 

Samsung Galaxy A9 features an Octa-Core Snapdragon 660 CPU, Adreno 512 GPU, 128 GB built-in storage with 6 and 8 GB ram variants available for smooth and quality gaming. Also, it features a 24-megapixel front with many photo effects for taking smart selfies. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy A11 Price and Specifications: 

The huge success of A Series by Samsung led to the demand for more phones in this series. That is when the manufacturers announced Samsung Galaxy A11 which is an upcoming sensation. According to the news, the phone will cost around $250 worldwide and 30,000 PKR in Pakistan. 

Not much is known about the specs but the experts have predicted that it will support the Android OS 10, an Octa-Core Cortex A53 processor, 32 and 64 GB storage options, and up to 3 GB ram will be installed. It will be a medium-budget phone with specs good enough for playing PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy A10 Price and Specifications: 

Samsung Galaxy A10 is one of the best medium-budget phones in the world with a retail price of $160 worldwide and about 25,000 PKR in Pakistan. It will be a predecessor to A11 that is might release soon in the future. 

Galaxy A10 has an Android 9.0 Pie installed with the 13-megapixel autofocus camera, 2 GB ram, 32 GB built-in storage that can be expanded by installing a microSD card, Octa-Core Exynos 7884 processor, and Mali-G71 GPU installed for gaming and graphics. 

Samsung Galaxy C Series Prices and Specifications 

The Samsung fans had huge expectations from the Galaxy C Series and some phones were pretty good as well but it didn’t really meet the criteria as expected. However, the fans are now expecting a lot from the upcoming C Series phones such as C10 and C11. We shall now bring you the expected price and specs of these phones on our site. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy C10 Price and Specs: 

Being an upcoming phone, there isn’t much concrete information available for C10. However, we can predict that this phone will be around $300 to $400 worldwide since Samsung will be releasing this as a part of their mid-range phones. 

As for the specs, it will definitely support the latest Android 10 and 6 GB ram is expected to be installed on the phone. On the other hand, it can have an Octa-Core processor, 13 or 16-megapixel dual camera, and 64 & 128 GB storage variants are expected. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy C11 Price and Specs: 

Galaxy C11 will cost even more than C10 so we are guessing a price tag around $400 to $500 worldwide and 60 to 70,000 PKR in Pakistan. This will be a large phone with at least 6.3 inches Super AMOLED display, 6 GB ram, Snapdragon Octa-core processor, an Adreno GPU, and at least 128 GB storage space is expected. 

We will recommend that you stay tuned to our site to know more about the release dates of both Galaxy C10 and C11 and buy them as soon as they will be available in the market. 

Samsung Galaxy J Series Prices and Specifications 

Samsung Galaxy J series is no longer a past matter since after it garnered huge appraise among the fans, the demand for another phone was on peak. Thus, the Korean manufacturers decided to introduce another phone into the series that will be Samsung Galaxy J9 and J9 Pro. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy J9 and J9 Pro Price and Specifications: 

As of now, both of these phones have been a mystery and there isn’t any concrete information about the prices and specifications of both phones. Though unlike other phones in the J Series, these wouldn’t be mid-range devices so you can expect prices higher than $500 and that would be about 75,000 PKR in Pakistan. 

As far as the specs are concerned, we can finally expect a Snapdragon processor and Adreno GPU for gaming taking the J series nearer to the flagships by Samsung. We will update these sections as soon as we will get any solid information about the phones. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy J8 Price and Specifications: 

The huge success of Galaxy J7 compelled people to expect a lot from this next phone in the series that finally got released in 2018. The retail price of the phone is around $300 and that will be around 40,000 PKR in Pakistan. 

The phone features an Octa-core 1.8 GHz processor with Android Oreo 8.0 that can still be upgraded to Pie 9.0The processor is Snapdragon 450 anlarge screen size of 6-inches with Super AMOLED touchscreen having 16M colours. 

Samsung Galaxy On7 Series Price and Specifications 

Samsung Galaxy On Series also contains mid-range mobile devices for people who aren’t doing so great with the budget. It wasn’t a huge success but still, Samsung Galaxy On7 sold a lot of units and was one of the elegant phones during those times. 

Galaxy On7 was released in 2015 and right now, it should be available around $150 in the market and for 15,999 PKR in Pakistan. It is quite an elegant phone with 3 GB ram, 5.5-inches Display, 13-megapixel camera, and 8 MP Front cam with cool selfie modes. 

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The internal storage of the phone was only 16 GB and the built-in OS is Android 5.1 that can be upgraded up to 6.0. By installing a microSD, you can upgrade the storage up to 256 GB and this is the maximum it can get.