Samsung Phones Prototype

Samsung Phones Prototype, Samsung has been doing a lot of work since the start of 2011 on a unique, advanced prototype foldable and flexible smartphones. By the passage of time, Samsung has succeeded to make a prototype phone with the flexible screen but a lot of errors remained inside the device which still needs improvement and advancement. After the first look of Samsung Galaxy prototype in 2011, Samsung continued its work and later named the device YOUM in consumer electronic service. But the problem that product specialist was facing was the flexible screen that is it may get moister and water while the device is folded and when the screen close, but Samsung is continuously doing its hard work and remove all the errors and issues by the end of 2018. Samsung Phones Prototype , According to one of Samsung’s engineer, this prototype will be launched somewhere in 2019 the prototype will be having a giant screen with an extending quality to change into a tablet from a regular sized smartphone screen, but these are just assumptions the real story will be reviled when this prototype will come to the market.

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date featured

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date: The Samsung Galaxy X is the most awaited phone of the era. We have confirmed news from Samsung Official that they are not going to launch this Samsung X phone until all the is...