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Top 10 Best phones with battery life

Phones with the best Battery

 The market is fully packed with every sort of smartphone but not every model has a flawless battery backup. It is essentially a distinctive feature that needs to be on your mobile, allowing you to use your phone without having to worry about its power failure after a short-time of use.     So, have you ever wondered which … Read more

Here is why Samsung Postponed Galaxy Z Flip Pre-orders

galaxy z flip Pre orders

The Samsung and other tech enthusiasts are all aware of Galaxy Z Flip and the prototype idea of a phone that could stand made possible by the recent innovation and improvement in the folding technology for smartphones. The Korean manufacturer had even started pre-orders for the device but since the COVID-19 pandemic is taking down everything in its path, Samsung had … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S20 Firmware Update 

samsung s20 firmware Update

Samsung recently dropped a technological bomb with its 108-megapixel featured in its latest Samsung S20 series. However, no matter how advanced the hardware may get, the software can let it down, and that’s why Samsung just released any firmware update to fix the autofocus issue sighted in their newest series.  Lately, many Samsung S20 users reported an autofocus issue that’s been frequent. Now, while the most-advanced autofocus was the … Read more

Corona & Samsung | CoVid-19 Impacts on Big Companies

SAmsung & Corona Impact

 Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft closing their stores to combat COVID-19  Samsung, alongside other tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft, has decided to close its physical stores in the United States temporarily to play their part in stopping Coronavirus diseases that are a global pandemic as of now.  These steps must be taken by big businesses like these to send a message across that no matter how big your deal … Read more

Samsung Unpacked 2020 Promo Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S20 Live streaming watch online:  Leaked Promo: Samsung has accidentally uploaded the promo which becomes a leak as it was witnessed by max Weinbach from Xda-Developers. Now it is officially confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event 2020 is going to be held on 11-Feb-2020. The thing which isn’t confirmed yet is the … Read more