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[Exclusive]Samsung Galaxy S12 Price Specs & Review

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Specs & Table Camera & display Release Date & Price The Good & The Bad

Samsung Galaxy S12 phone is one of the most awaited mobile phone not only in the Samsung fan base Comunity but also in the mobile phone arena. As we know that the Samsung Galaxy Smart (s)  Series is the top-selling brand from Samsung Flagship. We are here with the S10, S10 plusSamsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus phone yet there are news and rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S11 and the S12 and Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus.  This mobile phone is not a mystery anymore and we have collected some of the accurate information about this phone from unofficial and official sources. We are updating information about this giant beast day by day and collecting the best information for our visitors. [ updated on: 28/Nov/2019]

“Samsung has left behid the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited in GAA by approximately 12 months whereas Intel is almost 2 to 3 years behind that of Samsung,” Source: Cnet.

This device will change the meaning of Android phones, Samsung is working on a new Android OS(10, 10.1) to make it for the Samsung Galaxy S12. The most amazing feature of this phone is unofficially confirmed from our source is the s12 Camera, According to our source this phone will have a quad camera setup which includes, ultra-wide-angle, 3D feature with Ai technology.

There is a lot to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S12 phone, but with limited knowledge, we can’t speak rubbish but what we know is that the camera will capture the market for years as it will b a quad setup camera. We have to tell you the complete truth about the phone. There are different websites which are telling some fake news and details about the Samsung Galaxy S12. Without complete knowledge, we won’t let our selves to make our visitor fool.

Samsung Galaxy S12 Price Specs & Review

Samsung galaxy s12

Samsung Galaxy s12 Price List :

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Expected Features Confirmed from sources:


Samsung S12 Full Specifications:

Samsung S Series Deals:

Samsung S12 First Look:

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Samsung S12 Expected Specs:

samsung galaxy s12

The Samsung Galaxy S12 is an upcoming device with a lot of latest and unique features. There are different news around the web which is telling us that this upcoming device will come with compelling specs and features.

According to our source, the amazing features may include the:

  • Graphene technology use in the Display
  • Aluminium Body
  • 148 MP Camera
  • Twice Battery Backup as S10

The S12 phone will be the top mobile phone of the year when it comes to the mobile market. It is due to its advance and next-gen specs which will make the phone a complete package.

Some of the most famous Samsung Galaxy S12 phone are as follows.

1: Samsung Galaxy S12 Processor:

The Samsung  S12 phone will come with a powerful processor with a supreme GPU( Expected: AMD Radeon). There is news that a new Snapdragon Processor is being made for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S12. This phone will bear an advanced processor which will increase the performance of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S12 will have a Snapdragon 865 SoC Processor [Unoffical Source].

2: Samsung Galaxy S12 RAM:

The  Galaxy S12 phone will come with an even increased RAM.  There are Users that the upcoming S12  will bear a 10 to 16GB of RAM and from some official source, it is now almost confirmed it will come up with 16GB variant. With such a powerful RAM the multitasking will be smooth in this phone.

3: Samsung Galaxy Android OS:

The Samsung Galaxy S12 runs on android 10.1 or will come with a new model of the Android Operating System. There are rumours and news from different sources that the device will come with a new OS which will increase the performance of the S12 phone.

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