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Is it true that there will be no Samsung Galaxy S 11, But Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S11 to Become s20

Is it true that there will be no Samsung Galaxy S 11, But Galaxy S20:

The rumours were spread that this time Samsung will not follow the numerological order in the Galaxy S series and thus will choose different S flagships. Well, it is not the first time as previously Samsung launched galaxy note 7 rather note 6.

This time again, Samsung chose the S20 as the next name of the Galaxy S flagship. The news originally came out on 24th December 2019 from a legitimate source @Iceuniverse. However, as people won’t get it as a prank they reconfirmed it by saying this on tweeter.

“Next year is 2020, and 20 is a new beginning.”

The changing of the name may have several reasons. However, we as customers expect the product to be as innovative as its name suggests. The Galaxy S1 was released in 2010 and it quite makes sense that S flagship was dedicated to the year.

Samsung Galaxy S20 is the perfect name to start the second decade of the S flagship to embark on the new trend and advancement. That is how it will show the versatility and differentiate a whole Galaxy S generation of the series from the upcoming Galaxy S tech generation.

As the galaxy S20 flagship advocates the most recent era, the features of the upcoming brand new smartphone expected to be super tremendous and intricate. Preliminary, Samsung will introduce three new devices at the beginning of the decade.

The names are Galaxy S20, Galaxy 20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. The smartphone gurus claim that naming of the phones suggests their statuses as galaxy S20 to be standard and S20+ be premium and S20e to be the ultra-high-quality. Samsung unleashed some of the features of the new devices. However, complete features of the
very new Galaxy S devices are yet to be unveiled. Here are some brand new features of Samsung Galaxy S20. For more Samsung news keep visiting us.

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