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Samsung Cell Phones Wiki

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Samsung Galaxy Series wiki

Samsung Galaxy Series Wiki:

There are different mobile phones and series launched under Samsung’s Flagship. I still remember the launch of the first Samsung smartphone in the cellular market. The first Samsung smartphone was not as equipped as today’s Samsung phones are. At that time when the first Samsung smartphone was released or we can say that when the Samsung Galaxy S1 mobile phone was released. Nokia was the king of the mobile phone market. But with the launch of Andriod phones from Samsung, it became the most selling mobile brand and outran the Nokia from the market. With the success of the Galaxy S1 mobile phone, Samsung continued manufacturing the Samsung Galaxy S phone.

Samsung Galaxy series


Samsung Galaxy S Series:

The Samsung Galaxy S phone consists of Samsung Galaxy S1, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and finally, we are here with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus mobile phones. There are rumors and news on the web that Samsung is going to launch and announce the Samsung S9 mobile phone soon in this year. But it is not confirmed that when this new Samsung S Series phone will make its first debut in the market.

Samsung S8 Plus Specification price series

We got reports and heard rumors from various sources that this new Samsung S Series phone will bring a new era and generation for the mobile phone users. But as for as the Samsung Galaxy X is concerned which may the next name of the S9 phone these are just rumors and assumptions. The real story may be the opposite or the same, time will decide the fate and identity of this Samsung S Series phone.

Samsung Galaxy S Series Comparison:

Samsung Galaxy S phones are now coming in two variants. Just like Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in two forms. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, but in S6 and S7 case the company introduced Edge models. It doesn’t matter which name is given by the company, both the variants of the Samsung Galaxy S Series are almost identical and equal. We have a different section for the Samsung Galaxy S Series comparison, where we completely describe each and every detail of both the variants. To know more about Samsung Galaxy S Series comparison click on the link given below.

samsung vs iphone

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Samsung Galaxy Series wiki

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