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Samsung Galaxy A8 Specification Price and Review 2018

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Samsung Galaxy A8: DIsplay, Bixby


Specs & Table Camera Display & Storage Memory Battery Life & Price Pros & Cons

4: Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and Bixby:

The Samsung has introduced this Bixby technology in some of its other Galaxy smartphones. This technique is a kind of virtual assistant, and it can track user’s day, it can set the reminder and knows the user’s likes and dislike by getting information and details through the camera. In simple words, we can say that it is guide and companion which give you alerts, reminders, and information about your likes and interest-based things.
But this Bixby technology is restricted to some countries with specific languages and features. Maybe in the future Samsung makes it available throughout the world.

samsung galaxy A10 Specification & price bixby

5: Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and Always on Display:

This is the latest technology Samsung introduced. By using this technique, there is no need of waking the smartphone to see the notification, time and battery details. The always-on system keeps the screen on by just showing the essential announcements and time without consuming the battery of the Smartphone and without switching the device on.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Specification Price display
So, this feature from Samsung will be beneficial to save the battery level, but this is the early and initial stage of this technology, the company may introduce some other features which may show the complete message without turning the phone on.

6: Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and Credit Card Usage:

Now there is no need for any credit card for buying and shopping because the users can do all these activities with the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus 2018 model smartphones. By using this technique, you can use the mobile phone to purchase and shop securely without using the credit card. But this technology is available in some countries right now.

7: Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 with Dual Messenger Option:

In the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 mobile phone there is a dual messenger option, which means the users can chat and contact two persons at a time by using the new feature.

samsung galaxy A8 specification price featured dual messenger
This technology may vary from country to country.

8: Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and Data Protection:

Samsung has shown a new feature in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 mobile phone. Protection of personal data, it means the device creates a secure folder where the user can store and save its personal and vital data, which can only be accessible by the same user.

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Samsung Galaxy A8: DIsplay, Bixby

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