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Samsung Galaxy C11 Full Specification, Price & Review 2020

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Samsung Galaxy C11 Release Date & Price

Specs & Table Camera & display Release Date & Price The Good & The Bad

7: Samsung Galaxy C11 Hard Disk:

The device will come in two variants. One will have 64GB internal storage whereas the other will come with 128GB of storage.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification storage

8: Samsung Galaxy C11 Release Date:

The Samsung Galaxy C11 release date is not confirmed, but according to some sources  and the company’s official, it will be released in the late 2020. Some of the Companys offical has claimed that the upcoming Samsung galaxy c11 will be released in august 2020.

release in 2020

9: Samsung Galaxy C11 Price:

Since the smartphone will have upgrated and os the smartphone price will definately be rise up to 10-15 % from its previous versions. According to our sources the samsung galaxy c11 may have a prices range of $350-$450

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Samsung Galaxy C11 Release Date & Price

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