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Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime Specification Price release date and Review

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Samsung Galaxy J series History

History of J Series Phones:

We are familiar with the Galaxy J Series mobile phones which have become one of the favorite Samsung Galaxy series. Samsung has introduced a new Series of mobile phones by the name of Samsung Galaxy J series.

This J series mobile phones was first of introduced in 2015 where these mobile phones came into the cellular world and got a lot of attention as these phones were very different but powerful as compared to the other Galaxy Series mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime old phones


The Samsung Galaxy J Series phones come at a mid-range price, but they equip almost the same specs and advanced technology like Samsung’s famous and renowned mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phones.

New J Series Phone:

Recently Samsung has launched a new line up of Samsung Galaxy J Series mobile phone which are Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime And Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime mobile phones. Both the smartphones are very attractive and beautiful in design and outer looks. The device Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime smartphone is an upgraded and advanced version of previous Samsung Galaxy J5 model.


Samsung Galaxy J series new phone

In this mobile phone the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime we got a lot of improvements and new features which makes the device very fast and potent. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime mobile can do everything and anything without any lag, and the multitasking function in the Galaxy J5 Prime mobile phone is very impressive and constant.

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Samsung Galaxy J series History

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