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Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification Price, Release Date and Review

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification Price main


Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone:


1: outstanding device.
2: best camera results.
3: Always on display.
4: Crisper and brighter screen.
5: High resolution.
6: Gaming is fantastic and smooth.
7: a compelling processor.
8: stylish and beautiful.


1: Always on display needs improvement.
2: Storage needs to be increased.
3: very expensive considering other Samsung mobile series like A, J and C series phones.


“ The information and description of the specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile are wholly based on the info we got from the net, various website, our sources and news, there may be an error or mistake, but we have done our best to give the best and concise article on Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile. The sources are Android Authority, TechRadar, Cnet and Samsung official news and website."


Finally, we came at the end of our review, what we have found? How much we got from our info regarding Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile? I think there is no need to answer that, because it is a fantastic device, it has all the features and properties which the users need.
The camera is outstanding, and performance is excellent, processor very fast and responsible, features are beautiful, in short, this device the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a masterpiece of Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Pros and Cons


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