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Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification 2018

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Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification  Introduction:

Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification, Samsung has shown a tremendous improvement during the last two decades in the field of mobile and Cellular SAMSUNG communication.

It already tops the android market and outruns world’s most reputable and advanced tech mobile phones manufactures. Without any doubt, Samsung is the undefeated king of the Android smartphone era.

There was a time when Nokia a Symbian manufacturing mobile phone company almost ruled the world of mobile phone technology in all aspects.

But with the arrival of Android smartphones Nokia started to fall and by the passage of time it totally lost its reputation and fame, a new Monarch of smartphone emerged by the name of Samsung.


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Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification

Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification:

Samsung is doing a lot of technology-based research and experiments to make and unleash world’s first folding and flexible prototype smartphone which be called as Samsung Galaxy X prototype.

Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification, It is not the first time that Samsung is focusing on such unique foldable smartphones, but back in 2011 it already done a lot of work one such prototype foldable smartphones, but did not get the taste of success and experienced a lot of problems.

The prototype it built was not so cool and attractive and due to lack of screen brightening and awkward appearance, it lost its image in the market.

That prototype was not clearly a commercial product. After some time Samsung aired a video giving the concept about its prototype mobile device that could bend, fold and stretched from a phone to a tablet-sized screen.

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Samsung Galaxy Prototype X Specification

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