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Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date

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Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date:

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date design

The Samsung Galaxy X is the most awaited phone of the era. We have confirmed news from Samsung Official that they are not going to launch this Samsung X phone until all the issues are resolved. The company is facing some issue with the foldable features of the X phone.

The Samsung Galaxy X Launch date is extended, that may have a release date by the end of 2018 or in 2019. The work on the Samsung X and the foldable phone has begun in the past, now its been a long time that the Korean company is doing its best to make the dream come true. The Samsung Galaxy X phone if released will make a new history.

It was the end of 2009 when we first heard about the Fold able Screen phone in the mobile world. After some time the Samsung issued some specs and released some pictures about the X phone. But the prototype Galaxy X phone was just an idea which needs modifications and final touch.

Samsung Galaxy X Names:

Samsung Galaxy X Launch Date Names

The Samsung is doing its best to complete this Samsung Galaxy X phone by the end of the 2018 year. There are different names for this Samsung Galaxy X Phone. Some call it Samsung X, foldable phones, Bendable phones while others term this forthcoming device as YOUM.

There are still rumours in the wind that the Galaxy YOUM or the Galaxy X is in its final phase or completed. But we don’t have reliable news and info about its updates. This whole prototype project is a mystery which isn’t transparent as we think. We have to wait for the right time when the company officially launches the Samsung Galaxy X launch date.

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