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S7 Clone Vs Original S7

Samsung S7 Clone Vs Orignal:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Clone both look almost the same. Same design, Same Display screen and Same finish. But there is some difference which the users should be aware of. These difference will let you decide and make you able to differentiate between Fake and Orignal Samsung Galaxy S7.

spot the difference s7 fake vs original

Now let us come to the main topic, Samsung Galaxy S7 Clone vs Orignal. As we know the Samsung is the best Android Phone Manufacture in the Market. The phone which Samsung made have a different price range. Some of them are affordable and cheap while others have sky reaching prices.

The detail about Samsung S7 Clone Vs Orignal is given below.

a: Samsung S7 Clone Vs Orignal Processor:

The Processor used in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Phone is     Exynos 8890      which is the best Processor in the market. This processor is very good in multitasking and extreme gaming. Whereas, the Samsung S7 Clone and Replica phone come with MT6797 Helio X20 64-bit Processor. Comparing this processor with the S7 Orignal we can clearly say that the s7 Orignal is the winner.

b: Samsung S7 Clone Vs Orignal Camera:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Original comes with 12-MP rear and 5-Mp front whereas the Fake S7 equips 16-MP rear and 5-MP front camera. As we can see the fake s7 has a 16-MP rear camera bigger than the S7 Orignal. But this doesn’t mean that the S7 Replica has a better camera.

s7 fake vs original camera

The quality of Camera in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Orignal phone is much better than the S7 clone. There is no match for S7 Orignal phone. We have taken some pictures of both the mobiles and after observing them we can finally conclude that the S7 Orignal phone has got the best camera.

c: Samsung S7 Clone Vs Orignal RAM:

The Orignal Samsung Galaxy S7 phone comes with 4GB of RAM. Whereas the Samsung S7 Fake has three variants 2GB, 3GB and 4GB Variant phones. Now, this clearly shows that the original phone has 4GB and if more or less than 4GB of RAM is on the phone then it isn’t the original S7 phone.

As far as the performance and speed of the RAM are concerned then the S7 Orignal outruns the Fake S7 phone.

d: Samsung S7 Clone Vs Orignal Battery:

The Orignal Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone comes with 3600mAH Battery bigger than the 2600mAH of S7 Clone. The manufactures made the S7 fake and clone phone but they didn’t succeed to match to original S7. The battery quality clearly defines the build quality of S7 Clone.

e: Samsung S7 Clone Vs Orignal Price:

The Orignal Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone comes at a price of 650 Dollar. whereas the Clone S7 phone is available in 140 to 240 Dollars depending on the specs of the phone. Now you decide if the phone comes in just 140 Dollars then how it would be possible for this to compete with the original phone.

So finally the moral of the story is if you want to buy a phone then go for the Orignal Phone. Buying a clone phone isn’t a good option this is the wast of money. The device looks similar to the original one but lacks most of the features. Even the Specs are totally different between the original S7 and Samsung S7 Clone phone.

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S7 Clone Vs Original S7


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