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Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus Specification 2018

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus Review:

The Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 plus are considered to be the star of mid-range smartphones due to which The company gave the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 plus new look in design and shape.

This powerful device comes with a super AMOLED display with a widescreen of 6.0 inch LCD with corning gorilla glass ( unspecified version ) making the mobile look great and delicious while watching movies and playing 3d quality games.

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus Specs and Performance:

The Samsung Galaxy A Series is one of the most famous mobile phone brand from Samsung. This isn’t the first mobile phone from Samsung Galaxy A Series as there are different A-Series phones with different price tag available in the market.

With the Success of the first A-Series mobile phone, the Korean Company started to manufacture a variety of Samsung Galaxy A Series phones.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 mobile phone comes with powerful specs and the latest Android operating system to run faster and smooth like never before.

This compelling device is full of wonders we strongly recommend our viewers to buy this mobile phone. You will love the device if you are an Android OS user.

This device the Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus and the simple version the Samsung Galaxy A8 phone comes with some unique and user-friendly features. Some of the most prominent features of the Samsung Galaxy A8 plus mobile phone are as follows.

1: Always On Technology:

The is a new feature from Samsung this technology has also been used in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 9 mobile phone.

With the help of this feature, the users will be allowed to see the time, notifications and their messages without waking the phone up.

The will remain on in such a manner that the user will see the time and alerts without battery consumption. Due to which the charge of the Samsung Galaxy A8 plus will last longer.

2: Bixby:

The Bixby technology will allow the phone to see the best option for the users by checking the internet history of the mobile phone used. With the help of the Bixby, everything will be easier to choose like never before.

3: IP68 Certification:

The Samsung Galaxy A8 plus mobile phone will come with the advance and updated IP68 Technology which will allow the users to take their smartphone under water. It will also make the Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus phone dust and scratch proof.

Some other features of the Samsung Galaxy A8 plus phone are given below.

The device is backed by a big 3500mah battery as compared to the basic model which comes with 3000mah battery. This powerpack battery gives a long and unfinished charge so that users can uninterruptedly use this monster and connect with friends.

There is a 6 GB of massive RAM installed which has a tremendous ability to do multitasking without any hurdle. The Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 plus are equipped with 2.2 octa-core cortex – A53 processor for faster speed and performance.

In terms of storage, The Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 plus comes with an internal storage of 64 GB whereas it can be exceeded up to 256 GB by using an external micro SD card, so that a lot to HD content which includes videos, movies, songs, HD pics and hundreds of application can be stored.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 plus are equipped with Dual front facing and a back camera. There is a 16-megapixel HD camera on the back side of the mobile whereas the front side is enjoying a dual camera of 16 megapixels and 8 megapixels respectively, which makes it a great choice for selfie lovers.

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The Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 plus comes with a dual sim property and will support Nano-sim. Dual band wifi, wifi direct, Bluetooth V5.0 with A2DP and NFC enabled are the most prominent feature of this mobile.


1: comes with an updated and latest operating system Nougat 7.1.

2: 6-inch super giant screen makes the device look brilliant.

3: Super AMOLED display.

4: Corning Gorilla Glass advance protection.

5: the device comes with dual sim quality.

6: 4 to 6 Gb of fast Ram.

7: 16-megapixel smart rear side camera for better photography and video recording.

And so on.


1: the device doesn’t support wireless charging which makes it an outdated device.

2: this device lacks stereo sound technology.


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