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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specification 2017

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Samsung Galaxy Pros & Cons


1: This device hired a giant 6.3-inch display screen with an outstanding condition.

2: This device comes with an outstanding aluminum body which looks beautiful to hold.

3: corning gorilla 5 protection.

4: Always on display technology.

5: Super crisp screen with Super AMOLED technology.

6: 6Gb of massive RAM.

7: less bezel screen.

8: DSLR quality Camera.

9: Two on one mobile phone and tablet. Becomes phablet.


1: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a non-removable battery.

2: Battery is not enough as it has a huge 6.3-inch display.

3: The fingerprint technology is located on the back side of the device.


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specification, The expectations are high including such unique features and properties this device is undoubtedly powerful and strong enough to set new records and achieve the highest peak in the cellular field.

But these are just assumptions, the reality is yet to be disclosed when Samsung Galaxy Note 8 makes it debut and hits the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specification

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Samsung Galaxy Pros & Cons


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