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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Display

4: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Always on Display:

This feature makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge different from other Android mobile phones, due to the Always on Display technology the Galaxy S7 edge never turns off it remains awake if the battery of the device is not empty, which is quite a good and decent improvement from the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price design display 2

We are very impressed from always on display in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone because while observing the mobile the display of the device was on. In Samsung Galaxy s7 edge if you want to see the time, or check the notification or recent alert then there is no need to wake the phone up as these notifications remain on the display while the device is in asleep.

Actually the company Samsung has introduced this always on display feature because Samsung believes that a normal user lock and unlock the phone for about 150 to 180 times a day, and mostly for just to know about the time or to see the recent notification received. By doing this the users wake the mobile phone and it CPU which in turn lowers the charge and battery drains faster. Therefore, this always on display is a good improvement to make the battery last longer.

But this is not the end of the story as some people find this always on display in Samsung galaxy s7 Edge mobile phone very disturbing and irritating this is because the mobile phone remains on even in a darker room at night when someone is in asleep or trying to sleep but the light from the display continuously disturbs.

But there are recent updates and improvement regarding the always on display which makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone more interesting and worth buying.

5: Samsung Galaxy S7 with Super Fast Charging:

The most frustrating thing regarding the phone is that when someone needs the mobile phone to make a call or to check the recent notification or send an important email and finds that the battery of the device is out of charge. By this time the users wants to throw the mobile phone on the wall or just break it into pieces. But don’t worry this problem is solved as Samsung is introducing a fast charge technology in its Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price fast cahrging

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone comes with a fast charger adaptor and the Samsung believes that this fast charging adaptor will charge the mobile phone the Galaxy S7 Edge 50 percent in just 30 minutes. But by doing it personally and we found that the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone had just 35 to 40 percent of charge while doing that the mobile became very hard and needed to be unplugged.
Therefore, we can say that it is impressive that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge charges very fast and quick but it needs to be unplugged from the adaptor for some time as the device heats up while charging fast which makes the life of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge short.

Samsung also introduces wireless charging in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, which is the device needs to stay on the wireless charging pad which is quite comfortable while laying down and using the phone.

This should be kept in mind that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone charge quicker only when it is connected with the charging adaptor that suggested by Samsung and which comes in the box along with the device.

We are not sure that the other adaptor can charge the Galaxy s7 Edge mobile phone as faster as its original charger because we didn’t use another charger.

 6: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Game Launcher:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone comes installed with a game folder, which is very unique, the users can install a game and it comes inside the game launching folder and while playing the particular game the folder icon shrinks and comes on the corner of the device the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

This feature allows the users to record the Game, take a picture of the game, go to the main menu and the home screen by just clicking on the game icon.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gaming


The video recording option for the game in the game launcher of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone is very cool and good especially for the users which love to record and share their games with friends or on the internet. The users will also have the ability to choose the frame rate and resolution of the video while recording the game.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Display


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