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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification, Price, Release Date and Review

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Finger Scanner, Memory & Variants

7: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Finger Scanner:

The Finger Print Scanner was first introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone which was not a big success as the device was not always responded well when the users used the finger scanner. We are saying this because if we compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the iPhone 6s plus phone the results were very different and improved in iPhone 6s plus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price fast cahrging scanner

In Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone the finger scanner is much improved and updated but we expect Samsung to make it more responsive and secure so that the users can pay while using the PayPal.

8: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile with Memory Card Slot:

It is come back for Samsung to use the memory card slot in the mighty Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone. That is because Samsung has removed this memory card option in its last year Samsung Galaxy S Series smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Pricememory card

The reason was very valid acceptable because as we know that by inserting a memory card or external card into the device or a mobile phone the mobile phone may not perform will its performance suffers, due to which Samsung didn’t introduce this option in its Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

We all know that the users like to add more data and videos in their smartphones, therefore, this improvement of introducing the memory card slot again in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone is a better choice than Samsung made.

The Samsung introduced a new and faster memory card slot which is UFS 2.0 which makes the device fast and it doesn’t affect the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone.

The final thoughts are, it is a good choice that Samsung made to give a memory slot in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile as most of the mobile manufacturing companies are giving. Whereas Apple one of the most famous mobile manufacturing company still refuses to give an external storage in its devices.

 9: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Variants:

The most famous Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone comes in two variants. The first variant runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor which is exclusively made for the US users. Whereas the other model or variant comes with an Exynos 8890 octa-core processor available outside the US. Both the devices hire a 4GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specification Price variants

Both the models of Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone are very compelling and fast. But by doing some benchmark test we found that the Exynos processor is a bit faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragon version.

Samsung introduces two different models of the same Samsung S7 Edge smartphone because in the US the Qualcomm version handles some LTE brands like Verizon, whereas the Exynos model can’t.

Both the variants of Samsung S7 Edge has the same Android Operating System 7.0 which is very fast and smooth. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge was launched with Andriod 6.0 initially but due to the last update, the s7 edge transferred to android 7.0. Google is going to launch its latest OS Android O, but we are not sure that the Galaxy S7 Edge will get an update or not.

We have to wait until October 2018 to see the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge mobile to get a new android os.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Finger Scanner, Memory & Variants

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