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Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Specification Price and Review 2017

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Samsung Galaxy J3 pro Release date and Price

Specs & Table Camera Display & Storage Battery Life BUY or NOT?

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 2017 phone Performance:

Considering the article, feature and complete specification of Samsung  J3 Pro 2017 smartphone we can say that it is quite an impressive mobile phone and device which scores decent scores in all fields of specs and properties, but there is some issue which may be its lesser RAM and Poor camera performance. The overall rating of this Galaxy J3 Pro will be 3 out of 5.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Battery:

The device comes with a 2600mah battery which is quite enough for full day use. This battery is removable therefore if the battery goes wrong then the user will be able to replace the battery and install a new one.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Specification battery

Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, 3G, 4G and much more are the prominent and noticeable features and properties of Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 2017.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Release Date:

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 2017 model , has a release date in June 2017 which was probably last year. In June 2017 the J3 Pro phone released all over the world.

11: Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 2017 Price:

Just like the older model of Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 model phone this device will have a price which is as follows.
In Pakistan: 19000 to 23000 rupees.
In the US: 175 dolors.
In India: 6900 Indian rupees.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 pro Release date and Price


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