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Samsung Galaxy S11: Price Specs & Review

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Samsun galaxy s11 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S11 Processor:

The Samsung Galaxy S Series phones always come with a next-gen powerful processor to run faster and smoother. Just like every Samsung Galaxy S Series phone, this Galaxy S11 will come with a potent processor.

Now the question arises which type of Snapdragon Processor will accompany the S11 phone. This is a mystery, we don’t have any solid news and reports which can tell us about this hidden truth. There is something which we can do right now, which is we have to wait and let the Samsung company announce and reveal the complete specs of the Samsung Galaxy S11 phone.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Camera:

Samsung Galaxy S11 Camera

We know that the Camera is the most important part of any mobile device. We are living in the 21st century where selfies and group photos are now common activities which are later shared in the social media via internet services.

Therefore, the mobile companies are focusing to introduce and make unique and powerful cameras in the mobile devices. According to the rumours around the web, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 phone will hire a potent and extremely sharp Camera on both sides of the mobile device.

We expect that Samsung will use a 20-MP camera on the rear side of the mobile phone in S11. Whereas the front side of the S11 will come with the dual 16-MP camera to take outstanding selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S11 RAM:

For super speed performance, the RAM of any device plays a key role. The upcoming  phone will come with a powerful RAM which will improve the performance of the Galaxy S11 phone. According to the news the Samsung  S11 phone will come with 8 GB of RAM. To know the exact size of RAM in the Galaxy S11 phone we have to wait.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Concept:

This is a new concept if we talk about the phone. Because as we know that recently The Korean Company Samsung released the Galaxy S9 phone. Is it Ok to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S11 phone when the Galaxy S10 and S10 Edge phone are in the wind? Yet we are talking about the specs and detail of the Samsung Galaxy S11 phone.

The company Samsung is trying to introduce a new Samsung Galaxy S phone to enter in the new era of the cellular phone. The Samsung is working on a new concept and according to the mobile experts this time a new Android OS will be introduced in the S11 phone.

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Samsun galaxy s11 Camera

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