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Samsung S8 Vs S8 Replica

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S8 Plus Cone vs Original

S8 Plus Clone Vs Orignal:

s8 plus clone

The S8 plus is the companion of the Galaxy S8 phone. Both the mobile device released at the same time users S Series of Samsung Franchise. The S8 plus mobile phone is the bigger model of the S8 phone with increased Screen. The other specs in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone are same just like the Galaxy S8 phone.

Now just like the S8 phone, there are clone and replica phones of the s8 plus in the market. Both the devices the S8 plus original and clones have some similarities but there are some differences which are as follows.

a: The Processor in the S S8 clone is a Quad-core version whereas the S8 Orignal comes with octa-core.

b: The S8 Plus clone comes with 2000Mah battery, whereas the original has 3000Mah.

c: the S8 Plus clone comes with Marshmallow 6.0 and Original has 7.0 Android OS.

d: The S8 Plus Clone comes with 1GB, 2GB and 3Gb RAM whereas the original has 4GB RAM.

Fake S8 Plus Vs REAL:

s8 vs s8 replica

Now as we know that there is tow variant of the S8 Plus phone on the market. One is original while the other phone is fake and clone. How to know the difference between both of the mobile phones. The Fake S8 Plus is cheaper in price with lower quality specs and features. ON the other hand, the Real S8 Plus phone comes with superior and advanced specs for maximum performance.

The Fake S8 Plus Vs Real is clearly shown in the above table.

S8 Vs S8 Clone:

The S8 is the top of the list mobile phone of the Samsung Galaxy S Series before the arrival of S9 and S9 plus. This mighty phone released in the year of 2017 along with its elder brother the S8 plus phone. Both the devices the S8 and S8 Plus phones are master-Piece with too many new features and properties. But this should be remembered that both these S Series phone are expensive and price and are not affordable.

Thus, as the price isn’t affordable the S8 is now available in the market as Clone and Replica models. The S8 Clone is a lot cheaper and affordable than the original S8 phone. This doesn’t mean that both the device the S8 and S8 Clone has same features and specs. There are some sections which are not same like,








Fake Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:

s8 plus clone

If you really want to buy the Fake Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus as your amount to buy a smartphone is limited. Then you have to be aware of the variants and models of the Fake Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone.

There are different forms and models of the Fake Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone. Now how to know which one is better or not. It is impossible to define and differentiate the best Clone, Replica and Fake phone of the same Samsung cell phone. Becuase all of these phones are not the original one. Due to which no one knows which is the fake phone to choose from.

Fake S8 Plus Vs Real:

As we have discussed earlier that there are some mobile phones but one is the fake one or the clone. Now the Fake S8 Plus vs Real S8 is the most important thing you should know about. The price is the main factor which makes them totally apart from each other. The S8 Plus real comes at a Price of 700 Dollars and on the other hand, the Fake S8 Plus is cheap.

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S8 Plus Cone vs Original

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